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Oasis is a British rock band originally from Burnage in the suburbs of Manchester. The group was formed in 1991. It is one of the British groups have been most successful in the years 1990 and 2000. Pioneers of the brit-pop, Oasis is also known for the violent disputes between the two group leaders, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. These lead Noel Gallagher to leave the group August 28, 2009 after another altercation backstage at the Rock en Seine festival, when they were about to go on stage.

Early years and breakthrough
On May 18, 1991 Liam Gallagher replaces the group Mancunian singer Rain (named after the name of a Beatles B-side) which becomes Oasis, two groups already bearing the surname Rain (one in Liverpool the other in Basingstoke). The origin of this name has been many explanations, and group members tend to find a different in every interview. In fact, the name appeared in the Swindon Oasis tribute, a concert hall. First live appearance at the Boardwalk in Manchester, opening for Sweet Jesus. Noel Gallagher, together with the Inspiral Carpets with which he traverses the globe as a roadie and guitar tech came to admire his brother. The group offered the opportunity to become a manager, it offers as a guitarist - and demand that the full powers. At the weekly recurrence of Oasis at Boardwalk, Noel reveals his own songs including Live Forever. The group hiring with enthusiasm. It supports the art direction and writing songs.

After two years of rehearsals and concerts in the Manchester area, Oasis sign on the label Creation Records thanks to President Alan McGee's label in August 1993. Their first songs were released as singles Supersonic and Shakermaker in spring 1994. Both entered the Top 40 in the UK and attract public attention and criticism, but the mockery of other artists (well, Brett Anderson of Suede, nicknamed the "electricians singing" because of their look lad. Oasis is the new indie sensation of the moment, coupled with a sulphurous reputation in the tradition rock'n'roll: hotels devastated, drugs, fights ... including the two brothers Liam and Noel, which cause many problems the group thereafter. In route to their first gig abroad in Amsterdam planned in the first part of The Verve, the group (except Christmas) is involved in a fight aboard the ferry. Oasis is not allowed to land and be returned fissa in England. Group share in Cornwall recording his first album with Mark Coyle at Sawmills studio.

The band released their first single Supersonic April 11, 1994, it ranks number 31 on the UK charts. The real breakthrough comes with the success of Live Forever in the United Kingdom: The title reached the Top 10 and remained one year in the ranking of bestsellers. The first album was released in late August 1994 with 150 000 copies sold in three days Definitely Maybe became the first album the best selling British music history and goes directly to the top spot on the charts.

In September 1994 for their first real U.S. tour, Noel left the band in Los Angeles after a disastrous show (group too often broken, provocations Liam, ...). He can not stand to be solely responsible for the destiny and obligations of Oasis and fled without a trace to San Francisco with the recipe concerts. Management London panics. But this is a fan who recognized in the street, who attends for a few days after Christmas a roll, helping him regain his confidence and the future of the group. Noel wrote two new songs during this trip solo acoustic song with the Talk Tonight, dedicated to his host. After fifteen days, he finally joined the band to finish the American tour.

The single "Whatever comes out in the United Kingdom December 16, 1994, sales rising to 350 000 copies. Only 17 will prevent East Oasis get the coveted title of No. 1 single at Christmas.

In May 1995 Alan White - drummer Adha, a folk artist signed to Creation Records - also the brother of Steve White (drummer for Paul Weller) takes the place of drummer after the forced departure of Tony McCarroll, following a fight with Liam in a Paris hotel. First appearance on the show Top of the Pops. On May 8, Oasis invests Rockfield Studios, Wales, with his favorite producer Owen Morris to record his second album. One night, Liam tumbling with thirty drunks randomly encountered local bars in the area. Noel discovers a few hours later with his guitar playing to 10 000 pounds. It turns everyone, including his brother, with blows of a cricket bat and then go from a week off to Jersey with footballer Graeme Le Saux.

The summit of fame
During 1995, the spice to the news media in evoking the musical rivalry between Oasis and Blur. Incidents between the two groups are numerous (insults, provocations, fights, etc.), the most famous occurred when Blur decided to release a new single (Country House) at the same time that Oasis (Roll With It). The two groups share a very important success in the United Kingdom, verbal confrontation escalates with statements Christmas wishing to see Damon Albarn and Alex James, singer and bassist of Blur, "dying of AIDS" (Christmas present apology little afterwards). It later appeared that the remarks had been recorded by a journalist with this group after a concert. Noel, as the journalist, had been drinking, and then uttered the famous phrase while the recorder was running journalist. Noel leaves also heard later that the reporter probably tried to "trap", or in any case to get him a sentence-scoop. This was achieved ... For the musician is the first to recognize the stupidity of his sentence, not without having added a touch of humor in an interview: "Obviously I do not think what I said. I they just want a good bird. "

To return to the music itself, Country House by Blur sells 274 000 copies, ahead of the Roll With It Oasis.

In October 1995, Oasis released their second album (What's The Story) Morning Glory? A global success with 18 million records sold. In the UK the best-selling even more rapidly than the album Bad by Michael Jackson. It enters the Oasismania, good times for the group that will monopolize the attention of the British press and then internationally. The group gave two memorable concerts at Earl's Court (London) in November, which brings together 40 000 people. From the second album from Oasis will be extracted three hits: Some Might Say (their first # 1 single in the United Kingdom), Wonderwall and Do not Look Back in Anger in early 1996. The tour sold out are connected, the group goes into heavy rotation on MTV and Wonderwall is on everyone's lips. Two concerts are given at 80 000 Red Devils at Maine Road stadium of Manchester City Football Club with the Gallagher brothers are unconditional. In the process, the management announces mega concert for the summer at Loch Lomond and Knebworth Park, all complete in less than a day: the telephone operator British Telecom estimated that 5% of the UK population has tried to obtain a Tickets for these concerts.

The group then reached its peak with two concerts on 10 and 11 August 1996 at Knebworth Park, who collected a total of 250 000 people. John Squire (ex Stone Roses guitarist) is called on Champagne Supernova and the resumption of normal Beatles I Am The Walrus, the concert's 11 is broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and in almost every country in the world. Two weeks later, Liam cancel his performance at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London for an MTV Unplugged, citing a sore throat: Noel provides vocals throughout the concert, the media began to talk of separation. In early September, after an initial chaotic U.S. tour which sees Liam again absent, the accounts are settled with fists in a hotel in Charlotte on tour (including dates in Europe and Australia) is set aside, Christmas falls precipitously at United Kingdom without the rest of the group he calls "finished". We learn during October they have all decided to work together again for a new album. This will be recorded early 1997 at Air Studios and Abbey Road in London.

The end of the Oasismania
In August 1997, their highly anticipated third album, Be Here Now, has a major success (7 million copies sold worldwide), but lower than the previous two. The reception is very favorable reviews. But it turns out, for fans worldwide, the album becomes easily tired, and some pointing to the newest member of Noel Gallagher. Critics back their jackets, down album, contrasting with a group always so sure of himself. The British press made Oasis's favorite prey, the excitement around the disk falls like a souffle after a few weeks. The Be Here Now tour ends in March 1998 without tub. In November released a compilation of B-sides (chosen by fans via the Internet) called The Masterplan.

Then the group disappeared from the limelight for almost two years. In the summer of 1999, while recording the fourth album in the south of France, guitarist Paul Arthurs and bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan left the band. They are replaced by Andy Bell (Group Ride) and Gem Archer (Group Heavy Stereo). Oasis founded his own label Big Brother Records due to the closure of Creation. Big Brother, a subsidiary of Sony, now produces their records in the United Kingdom.

The album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants was released in 2000, preceded by the single Go Let It Out. Despite criticism and disappointing sales of the group still meets the rooms, but will once again lose credibility when Noel Oasis abandoned in May 2000 the time of the current tour, exasperated by his "monkey brother. A replacement guitarist Matt Deighton (who worked with Paul Weller), is hired to complete the European dates, including many festivals. Noel decides just to ensure the UK tour of stadiums, complete since January, including two concerts at Wembley Stadium in London (which will serve for Familiar To Millions DVD). The tour ends with two dates at festivals in Leeds and Reading, where many believe last attend services group.

Spring 2001, the group is committed alongside the Black Crowes for a U.S. tour called Brotherly Love Tour. Only European date this year, the first part of Neil Young at Paris-Bercy. The group is holding a British tour in average rooms to celebrate his ten years in Manchester, London and Glasgow: the Ten Years Of Noise & Confusion Tour. Tickets for the anniversary tour are on sale August 18, 2001. Fans queuing for more than 48 hours before the rooms. In fifteen minutes, the seat of six concerts are exhausted. Long shows that offreront fans the premiere of two new tracks ( 'Hung In A Bad Place "written by Gem Archer and' The Hindu Times') and some rarities.

In 2002, 'Heathen Chemistry fate in a calmer atmosphere, the two musicians appeared in late 1999 are fully integrated into the group and participate in writing, like Liam who splits of Songbird. Commercial success comes through single Stop Crying Your Heart Out and Little By Little. The concerts are linked together without problems, including three dates at London's Finsbury Park before 120 000 people in July. December 2002 in Munich, Liam and drummer Alan White and their bodyguards are involved in a brawl in the bar of their hotel, the singer will leave two teeth and a strong bond to join the UK free. The German dates are pushed aside in March 2003 and will be the last of this tour.

In January 2004, drummer Alan White left Oasis at the request of other members, it will only engage enough in the work group. Oasis celebrates the tenth anniversary of their debut album Definitely Maybe with the release of a commemorative DVD containing videos and interviews with former members. Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr (Beatles drummer) and godson of Keith Moon (drummer of The Who), is touted as the new drummer: it ensures that the battery only two concerts (UK) group in 2004, Poole and Glastonbury Festival.

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