Jhon Barry, Composer of Film Music

Jhon Barry
John Barry Prendergast (born November 3, 1933 in York, England) is a British composer of film music. He is best known for his music for James Bond.

John Barry Prendergast (born November 3, 1933 in York, England) is a British composer of film music. He is best known for his music for James Bond.

He began training in jazz before writing for film. His first film is the seductive (Beat Girl, 1960). It reworks the theme song for James Bond written by Monty Norman and is one of the most popular themes in the world. He later composed the music of James Bond into the 1980s. His music for the TV series The Persuaders (1971) also contributes to his reputation already well established.

Considered one of the greatest composers of contemporary films (such as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Michel Legrand, and Ennio Morricone), he composed the music for very large productions such as Out of Africa or Dances with wolves. John Barry composed music generally heightened the romantic style and is an outstanding melody whose style is quickly recognizable.

It was the first husband of Jane Birkin and they had a daughter, the photographer Kate Barry.

Selected Filmography

* 1960: The seductive (Beat Girl), Edmond T. Greville, the first film of John Barry.
* 1962: James Bond 007 against Dr. No (Doctor No) by Terence Young
* 1963: From Russia With Love (From Russia with love) by Terence Young
* 1964: The Knack ... and how to have Richard Lester
* 1964: Goldfinger (Goldfinger) by Guy Hamilton
* 1965: Four in the Morning by Anthony Simmons
* 1965: Thunderball (Thunderball) by Terence Young
* 1966: The Chase
* 1967: You Only Live Twice (You Only Live Twice) by Lewis Gilbert
* 1968: Boom or (Boom!) By Joseph Losey
* 1968: The Lion in Winter (The Lion in Winter)
* 1969: Midnight Cowboy
* 1969: Serving Her Majesty's Secret (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) by Peter Hunt
* 1971: Diamonds Are Forever (Diamonds Are Forever) by Guy Hamilton
* 1971: The Lost Valley by James Clavell
* 1971: The Persuaders (TV)
* 1973: The Glass Menagerie (The Glass Menagerie) (TV) Anthony Harvey
* 1974: Top Secret (The Tamarind Seed) by Blake Edwards
* 1974: The Man with the Golden Gun (The Man With Golden Gun) by Guy Hamilton
* 1975: Love Among the Ruins (Love Among the Ruins) (TV) George Cukor
* 1976: King Kong by John Guillermin
* 1976: The Rose and the Arrow (Robin and Marian) Richard Lester
* 1977: The Bison White (The White Buffalo) by Jack Lee Thompson
* 1978: Game of Death Robert Clouse
* 1979: The Corn is Green (The Corn Is Green) (TV) George Cukor
* 1979: the black hole (The Black Hole) by Gary Nelson
* 1979: War and Passion (Hanover Street) by Peter Hyams
* 1979: Moonraker (Moonraker) by Lewis Gilbert
* 1980: Somewhere in Time (Somewhere in Time) with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour
* 1983: Octopussy (Octopussy) by John Glen
* 1985: Out Of Africa: Out of Africa
* 1985: Kill (A View To A Kill) by John Glen
* 1987: The Living Daylights (The Living Daylights) by John Glen
* 1988: Masquerade (Masquerade) by Bob Swaim
* 1990: Dances with Wolves (Dances with Wolves) by Kevin Costner
* 1993: Indecent Proposal
* 1995: Les Amants du Nouveau Monde (The Scarlet Letter) by Roland Joffe

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