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Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite Kaka says is a Brazilian born April 22, 1982 in Brasilia. He currently plays point guard play or support striker at Real Madrid and the Brazilian. He is married to Caroline Celico since December 2005. His brother Digao meanwhile plays for AC Milan, Italy on loan from Standard Liege. It is considered one of the best players at his post today. He won the Ballon d'Or France Football in 2007 before Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


His youth and confirmation
Born into a wealthy family (his father, Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite, is a civil engineer and his mother Simone Cristina dos Santos Leite is a professor) and small (it has one little brother, Rodrigo Izecson dos Santos Leite, Digao). At age 18, he has an accident in the pool at his grandparents: diving he bangs his head against the floor thereof. His doctor spoke of a miracle that he always manages to walk and Kaka attributes this to the God he believes. He was baptized at age twelve.

Quickly identified as a future football talent, many do not hesitate to compare him to former glory as Rivelino and Socrates. He confirms this expectation in the jersey of São Paulo and is even selected for the 2002 World Cup held in South Korea and Japan at 20 years only. He won the competition with teammates Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo among others although it participates in only one game as a replacement (19 minutes against Costa Rica). A year later, he decided to join the European continent and AC Milan in a transfer estimated at 8.5 million y dollars.Il wins Italian championship in his first season.

During the 2004/2005 season, he won with his club the Italian Supercup, ranks second behind Calcio Juventus of Turin and was a finalist in the Champions League 2004-2005 (lost 3-3 against Liverpool at the end of the Session penalty shootout during which he managed his own.

During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Kaka holds in the Brazilian and scoring a goal against Croatia but Brazil was eliminated at the stage of quarter-final 1 to 0 by the France. A goal scored by Thierry Henry on center Zidane (during a free kick). On September 3, 2006, Kaka drew attention by writing from the midfield, one goal against Argentina in a friendly match. The following season he finished top scorer in the Champions League in 2007 with 10 goals, he is particularly noted in the semi-finals against the team from Manchester United. Her delivery is such that he scored 3 goals in the tie, and thus contributes to the success of AC Milan takes revenge on Liverpool had beaten in the final two years ago. However one major title missing in his list: the Copa America. He deliberately chose not to be selected at two coronations of 2004 and 2007.

During the 2007 offseason, Kaka is coveted by Real Madrid, who does not hesitate to make an offer revolving around 100 million euros to afford the player, but the AC Milan player said transferable. It remains to Milan for the season 2007/2008. During the 2008 offseason AC Milan refused an offer from Chelsea was rated 100, then to 126 million euros. In January 2009, Manchester City Football Club offers a total of around 113 million euros for his transfer. The Brazilian player's salary would amount to an estimated 18 million per season. He received permission from AC Milan to talk with the English club, but negotiations failed.

On June 7, 2009, during the course of his national team in Recife for the preliminaries of the World Cup 2010, Kaka is authorized by his coach Dunga to go to a clinic for the city medical prior to his transfer to Real Madrid accompanied by the club doctor in Madrid. His transfer is official the next day, according to a posting on the official website of Real Madrid he stands at € 67.2 million. This is the fourth most expensive transfer in football history behind those of Zinedine Zidane in 2001, Cristiano Ronaldo 4 days later, also at Real Madrid, and finally that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Inter Milan FC Barcelona (about 70 million €. It will be presented to socios Madrid June 30, after playing more playoff and the Confederations Cup with Brazil. He said he refused the honor that he was Florentino Perez to wear the number 5 of Zinedine Zidane because he wants to "disassociate itself from the image of a successor to French player. Thus, it is assigned the number 8. Kaka mark on first goal with Real Madrid September 24 during a game between his team at Villarreal on a penalty kick.

On December 2, 2007, Kaka wins Golden Ball of bi-weekly France Football with 444 points ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo (2nd) with 277 points, Lionel Messi (3rd) with 255 points and Didier Drogba (4th) with 108 points.

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