Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts (b. Eleanor Marie Robertson October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA) is an American writer specializing in romance novels and psychological thrillers. The novels of Lieutenant Eve Dallas series have been published in the United States under the pseudonym JD Robb. She has sold over 100 million pounds and is translated into over 26 languages.

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, she is the only girl and the youngest a family of 5. After completing his studies in a Catholic school, she married young and went to live in Keedysville (MD).

For some time, she worked as a legal secretary and then, after the birth of his two son, she stays home to look after them.

She began writing during a blizzard in February 1979 and his first novel was published to Stay in Ireland 1981.

In July 1985, she married Bruce Wilder. She had met when she hired him to build shelves for her books.

She has received numerous awards.

Nora Roberts is a prolific author (ten to eleven new novels come out each year), rumors are circulating in the United States on the use of private authors.

Bachelor In 2008, an excerpt from a novel by Nora Roberts was selected in the trial of two foreign language (English) Series S and L. It's The Sources of crime, the 24th volume of the Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

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