Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple is an American actress and diplomat, born April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California.

She holds a special place in film history: it is actually the first child star to have had an international reputation, largely due to his long filmography. She was a true American icon in the 30s and 40s.

This girl native Santa Monica has played in over 40 films during the 1930s. It is noted for his talent at the age of five years: it completely memorized the dance steps.

Shirley Temple began his career at the age of three, appearing in two series of low-budget productions. It was signed with Fox in late 1933 after its publication in Stand Up and Cheer with James Dunn. His contract was extended several times from 1933 to 1935, and was loaned to Paramount in 1934 to play in a very successful series of films. For four years, the U.S. became so fond of his movies. From merchandising to his effigy was produced during these mythic. It was the first recipient of the Oscar for young players and this opportunity appears in the Guinness Book of Records.

The role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, played by Judy Garland, it was originally intended. With great wisdom and a loving family, honest, it ended his career at the age of 20 years, feeling that his future lay elsewhere than Hollywood.

She was married to actor John Agar in 1945 at age 17, and the couple had a daughter, Linda Susan Agar (which became known as Black later) in 1948. They divorced in 1950, when she met businessman Charles Black, whom she married and she took the name. At their meeting, Mr. Black acknowledged that he had never seen his films. With Mr. Black, she had two children: Lori and Charlie. She stayed with him until his death of a myelodysplastic syndrome August 4, 2005).

After his movie career, she became involved in politics in the Republican Party. She was appointed in 1969, the U.S. delegate to the UN by President Richard Nixon.

In 1974 and 1975, she is a member of the executive committee of The Walt Disney Company.

She was ambassador to Ghana (1974-1976) and Czechoslovakia (1989-1992). Having lived through the Velvet Revolution, it describes it as "the best job that [she] ever had". In 1976, she became the first woman to be chief of protocol of the U.S. State Department.

Her autobiography, Child Star: An Autobiography, was published in 1988.

She now lives in Woodside, south of San Francisco, California.

* 1932: Kid's Last Stand: A girl
* 1932: Runt Page: Lulu Parsnips
* 1932: War Babies: Charmaine
* 1932: The Red-Haired Alibi: Gloria Shelton
* 1932: Pie Covered Wagon: Shirley
* 1933: Glad Rags to Riches: Nell / La Belle Diaperina
* 1933: Kid in Hollywood Morelegs Sweettrick
* 1933: Out All Night: A Child
* 1932: The Kid's Last Fight: Shirley
* 1933 Polly Tix in Washington: Polly Tix
* 1933 Dora's dunking donuts Shirley
* 1933: Until the last man (To the Last Man): Mary Stanley
* 1933: Kid 'in' Africa: Madam Cradlebait
* 1933: Merrily Yours: Mary Lou Rogers
* 1933: What's to Do? Mary Lou Rogers
* 1934: Pardon My Pups: Mary Lou Rogers
* 1934: Carolina: Joan Connelly
* 1933: As the Earth Turns: A child
* 1934: Managed Money: Mary Lou
* 1934: Stand Up and Cheer! Shirley Dugan
* 1934: First Love (Change of Heart): Shirley, the girl in the plane
* 1934: Little Miss (Little Miss Marker): Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker
* 1934: Now I'll Tell Mary Doran
* 1934: The Maid Shirley (Baby Take a Bow): Shirley Ellison
* 1934: It is forever (Now and Forever): Penelope 'Penny' Day
* 1934: Bright Eyes (Bright Eyes): Shirley Blake
* 1935: The Little Colonel (The Little Colonel): Miss Lloyd Sherman
* 1935: Our Little Girl: Molly Middleton
* 1935: Goldilocks (Curly Top): Elizabeth Blair
* 1935: The Rebel's Daughter (The Littlest Rebel): Virginia 'Virgie' Cary
* 1936: Captain January (Captain January): Helen ('Star')
* 1936: Poor Little Rich Girl (Poor Little Rich Girl): Barbara Barry
* 1936: Dimples (Dimples): Sylvia 'Dimples' Dolores Appleby
* 1936: Ching-Ching (Stowaway): Barbara 'Ching-Ching' Stewart
* 1937: The mascot of the regiment (Wee Willie Winkie): Priscilla Williams
* 1937: Heidi: Heidi
* 1938: Mam'zelle star (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm): Rebecca Winstead
* 1938: Hotels for sale (Little Miss Broadway): Betsy Brown / Shea
* 1938: La Vie en Rose (Just Around the Corner): Penny Hale
* 1939: The Little Princess (The Little Princess): Sara Crewe
* 1939: Susannah (Susannah of the Mounties): Susannah Sheldon
* 1940: The Blue Bird (The Blue Bird): Mytyl
* 1940: Youth (Young People): Wendy Ballantine
* 1941: Kathleen: Kathleen Davis
* 1942: Miss Annie Rooney Annie Rooney
* 1944: Since You Went Away (Since You Went Away): Bridget 'Brig' Hilton
* 1944: Strange Holiday (I'll Be Seeing You "): Barbara Marshall
* 1945: The Apprentice love (Kiss and Tell): Corliss Archer
* 1946: American Creed
* 1947: Serenade in Mexico (Honeymoon): Barbara Olmstead
* 1947: Two sisters living in peace (The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer): Susan
* 1947: Scandal in Florida (That Hagen Girl): Mary Hagen
* 1948: The Fort Apache (Fort Apache): Philadelphia Thursday
* 1949: Mr. Belvedere Goes to College: Ellen Baker
* 1949: Adventure in Baltimore: Dinah Sheldon
* 1949: The Story of Seabiscuit: Margaret O'Hara / Knowles
* 1949: A Kiss for Corliss: Corliss Archer

* 1958-1961: Shirley Temple's Storybook (TV Series): Host / Narrator / Various roles
* 1963: The Red Skelton Show (TV Series): A beginner

* Oscar for Best Young in 1934.
* Honorary Doctorates from the University of Santa Clara and Lehigh University.
* Winner of the Kennedy Center in 1978.

She was appointed to the board of directors of several major corporations:

* Walt Disney Company (1974-1975)
* Institute of International Studies, Stanford University
* Council on Foreign Relations
* Council of American Ambassadors
* U.S. Commission for UNESCO
* National Committee on US-China Relations
* United Nations Association

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