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Heidi Montag
Heidi Blair Pratt (nee Montag 15 September 1986) is an American singer, television personality and fashion designer in his spare time. It is known to be one of the main characters in the TV reality show Laguna Beach: The Hills. Its fame is also due to his cosmetic surgery that almost cost him his life.

Heidi Montag was born September 15, 1986 in Colorado. Its father, Bill Montag, is a cowboy, and his mother, Darlene Egelhoff. Her older sister, who is also an actress, called Holly Montag. Their age difference is 3 years.

Superficial (Release Date: January 12, 2010) (Label: Pratt) (Note: One could easily believe that the songs on this album are based on her relationship with Spencer Pratt.)

The songs on this disc are:

1. Look How I'm Doin (Date of completion: 2009)
2. Turn Ya Head (date of completion: -)
3. Fanatic (date of completion: -)
4. Superficial (date: 22 November 2009)
5. More Is More (Note: This is the only song on the album that ended up in the plamares hits) (date: April 3, 2009)
6. One More Drink (Note: The group "The Runners" participated in the composition of music) (realisaion Date: June 2008)
7. Twisted (date of completion: -)
8. Hey Boy (date of completion: -)
9. My Parade (date of completion: -)
10. Blackout (Note: Taylor Momsen attended the composition of music) (Date of completion: 2009)
11. I'll Do It (Implementation date: -)
12. Love It or Leave It (Note: "Heidi Montag" has participated in music composition) (Date of completion: -)

Titles promotional
o Higher (Completion Date: February 5, 2008)
o No More (Completion Date: March 2008)
o One More Drink (date of completion: June 2008)
o Fashion (date of completion: June 2008)
o Overdosin (date: 18 August 2008)
o Blackout (Date of completion: 2009)
o Look How I'm Doing (Date of completion: 2009)
o Body Language (feat. Spencer Pratt) (Date of completion: 2009)
o Sex Ed (date: 15 February 2010)
o Trash Me (date: 15 February 2010)

* More is More (Remix by Dave Aude) (Date of completion: -)

Featuring and collaborations
* 2008
o Dramatic (Britney Spears feat. Heidi Montag) (Date of completion: 2008)

o Higher (Date of completion: 2008)
o Overdosin (date of completion: 2008)
o Blackout (Date of completion: 2009)
o Superficial (Date of completion: 2010)
o My Parade (date of completion: 2010)

* According to the magazine Star System, published in two editions respectively in June 2010, Heidi Montag (who earned $ 100,000 per episode of Laguna Beach: The Hills) and Spencer Pratt (who earned $ 65,000 per episode issuance of Laguna Beach: The Hills) have invested almost all their fortune earned through their participation in the show Laguna Beach: The Hills, some things:
o Production of the first disc Heidi Superficial title (released in stores January 12, 2010). Together, Spencer and Heidi had to pay $ 2 million to produce. Moreover, this cd was a great failure. Moreover, she thought the first week of the release of his CD on store shelves, it could recoup its investment, but it was not the case.
o They made the purchase of bodyguards (or ex-marine, including Paul "Cougar" Zank, Spencer's best friend), whose costs amount to over $ 400 000.
o As for Heidi, she was paid between other cosmetic surgery (10 in one day, November 20, 2009) and clothing.

Here is the list of surgeries that she has paid:

1. Injections of botox in the forehead and around the eyebrows (Note: Already in the summer of 2007, it was noted that she had used Botox)
2. A slight enhancement of the eyebrows
3. A touch of rhinoplasty
4. A rejoining of the ears
5. An injection of fat in the cheeks, nose folds and lips
6. Chin reduction
7. Neck liposuction
8. A Touch of breast augmentation
9. Liposuction of waist, hips, inside and outside of the thighs
10. Gluteal implants

o As for Spencer, he bought three from other luxury cars (a Porsche, a Rolls-Royce and a vintage Camaro, with a total value of $ 500,000), firearms and would have spent $ 500 000 for crystal energy.
o Heidi and Spencer have to pay $ 7,000 per month to rent a house (where they no longer live, but they are still owners of this house) located in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.
o It has spent $ 100 000 in bags and shoes. Besides, she has at least six Hermes bags, for a total sum of $ 54 122, and Balenciaga crocodile bag, which sells for $ 22 000.
o It would have helped his mother * to pay a mortgage, giving him $ 30 000, * because it would lose its home.
o In order to make money (as between January-June 2010, their bank account was almost empty), in June 2010, they invented the rumor that Heidi and Spencer split out now with the Spencer's best friend, Paul "Cougar" Zank. And so they lied to the media, saying that rumor created from scratch. Despite this, Heidi and Spencer are still together.

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