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Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher, born Christopher Ashton Kutcher on February 7, 1978, is an American actor and producer. He is married since 2005 with the American actress Demi Moore, he jouè in the series, now worship, that'70s show.

In 1997, then qu'Ashton Kutcher studied mechanical engineering at the University of Iowa, a beauty contest disrupting its projects and propels it to New York, where he began a short modelling career. It works for the Calvin Klein brand and regain its activity as a model for the television campaign GAP in 2002. In 1998, the small screen makes it soft eyes: his role as Michael Kelso in the series That'70s Show popularise it among the general public, especially with the gent women.

Two years later, he made his first steps in film, appearing alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. in the romantic comedy In love. Even if it does not top of the bill, it makes this kind of register his choice, the charming passage in Brittany Murphy For better or for laughter and Amanda Peet in 7 years of seduction. A comfortable in the roles of young first, it is also when it comes to embody people a little silly (Dude, Where's My Car?) Or clumsy (My boss, her daughter and me , Black / White). Nevertheless, it tries to vary his repertoire in interpreting the western Texas rangers and making the right choice to be the hero of the fantasy film The Butterfly Effect, then give the reply to Kevin Costner in Coast Guards. In 2003, he defrayait chronicle the arm Demi Moore. It is now experiencing success in leading and co-producing the show MTV Punk'd, which has the concept of trapping the Hollywood stars.


* 1998-2006: That'70s Show (TV series): Michael Kelso
* 2000: fatal trap: The student
* 2000: Voila! : Dean Cassidy
* 2000: Dude , Where's My Car? (Quebec: Two thick to run): Jesse Montgomery
* 2000: In love: Jim Morrison
* 2001: Texas Ranger: George Durham
* 2001: Parents at any price (Season 2, Episode 21): Scott
* 2002: For better or for laughter (Quebec: New married): Tom Leezak
* 2003: The Butterfly Effect: Evan Treborn
* 2003: Thirteen by the dozen (Quebec: Cheaper dozen): Hank
* 2003: My boss, her daughter and me (Quebec: The daughter of my boss): Tom Stansfield
* 2005: Black / White (Quebec: Guess Who): Simon Green
* 2005: 7 years of seduction: (VF Christophe Hespel) Oliver Geary
* 2006: Rebels of the Forest: voices Elliot, deer
* 2006: Coast Guards (Quebec: The Guardian): Jake Fischer
* 2006: Bobby of Emilio Estevez: Fisher
* 2008: Jackpot by Tom Vaughan: Jack Fuller
* 2009: Spread: Nicki

* 2005: Black / White

Executive Producer
* 2003: The Butterfly Effect

* 2003: My boss, her daughter and me

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