Mark David Chapman


Mark David Chapman
Mark David Chapman (born on May 10 1955), an American originally from Texas, John Lennon was murdered on the evening of December 8, 1980 in New York. It was 22 hours 52 when Lennon fell in front of his residence, at the corner of 72nd Street, Central Park in Manhattan, killed five bullets of a caliber 38 revolver.

Earlier in the day, Chapman had shook hands with Lennon requesting an autograph. Chapman has waited near his home and was shot five times on the singer, missing once but four causing fatal injuries. Chapman had bought size 38 to five shots in Honolulu on October 27, 1980. He confessed that he had already wanted to kill Lennon during a previous trip in New York but had not had the courage to go to the act.

Fan obsessed by the Beatles, Chapman sees John Lennon a hero who will help him overcome his life moribund. He dedicated a boundless admiration for his idol and will marry up with a Hawaiian Japanese have to feel the couple Lennon-Yoko Ono. But frustrated by a situation which did not improve, he could not qu'accuser one who has cheated on his hopes: John Lennon, which he now considers as a hypocrite and a traitor. Chapman estimated that John Lennon had betrayed his message of peace and brotherhood among men, he became a billionaire and leading a bourgeois life, and it does not distributing money among the poor. Ironically, during the search of his body, police found 5 000 dollars in his wallet. In an interview with Lynne Schultz December 26, 2006, Chapman was justified: "Lennon tells us to imagine a world without possessions, and now with millions of dollars, yachts, real estate and investment properties, making fun of people like me who believed his lies and bought his records, building a large part of our lives around his music. "

Mark Chapman was fan of the book The Grab Hearts, a book he had on him during the murder, as the Bible and all the Beatles albums. Charged with second degree murder, it was deemed aware of his actions. It has not pleaded insanity despite psychiatric history and drug and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a period of twenty years incompréssibilité. Reclus near New York, his release was refused on five occasions (2000, 2002, October 2004, October 2006 and August 2008).

His head was put at prices several times, threats were made against him if he were to be released. In May 2005, the British television channel Channel 4 announces project to make a television interview with Chapman but Yoko Ono insurgent was so vehement against this craze media by attacking the chain. Two feature films have recently been turned on Chapman and the murder of Lennon: Chapter 27 with Jared Leto, and The killing of John Lennon. A rally in memory of John Lennon is held each December 8 in New York.

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