Ahmet Ertegun


Ahmet Ertegun
Ahmet Ertegun (* 31 Jul., 1923 in Istanbul; † December 14, 2006 in New York) was a Turkish-born entrepreneur in the United States and founder of the influential jazz and soul label Atlantic Records. With his brother Nesuhi Ertegün he founded the 1971 New York football club New York Cosmos, took football stars such as Pele, Beckenbauer, Johan Neeskens under contract and headed it until 1985.

Ertegun was born in Turkey and moved with his family to Washington DC, as his father Münir Ertegün Turkish ambassador to the United States. Munir Ertegun was the legal adviser of the Turkish state's founder Ataturk, and he previously served as ambassador to Turkey in Switzerland, France and Britain. The enthusiasm for Jazz acquired the young Ahmet Ertegun 1932 at a concert in the London Palladium concert hall, where he his older brother Nesuhi windfall. There, they saw the orchestras of Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway and were henceforth the elegance and beauty of this music in ruins. 1944 he joined the St. John's College in Annapolis (Maryland), with a BA from. Then he began to study the philosophy of the Middle Ages at Georgetown University. After the lectures he attended Rhythm-and-blues record shop in Washington DC and went into different nightly jazz and blues clubs.

With twenty-three years, he broke the study from 1947 and founded together with Herb Abramson the record company Atlantic Records. To do this he borrowed 10,000 U.S. dollars from his family dentist. His older brother Nesuhi Ertegun (1917-1989) was added in 1956. They worked among others with producers Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler together. His brother succeeded, the most innovative jazz musicians this time under contract to get, especially John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, the Modern Jazz Quartet and Ornette Coleman. 1957 Atlantic Records took as one of the first record companies only with stereo technology. Ertegun still celebrated great success with soul greats Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. After selling the record company he remained as a talent scout and producer loyal to the music business.

Ertegun married on 6 April 1961 the native Romanian Ioana Maria Banu, known as Mica, a renowned interior designer was. In every marriage kept his confession.

Ertegun was in addition to numerous activities, including for several years Chairman of the "Turkish-American Businessmen Association.

On 29 October 2006 Ahmet Ertegun crashed at a concert by the Rolling Stones, the honor of the 60th Birthday of former U.S. President Bill Clinton in Manhattaner Beacon Theater was organized, and drew a brain haemorrhage on. After prolonged coma, he died on 14 December 2006. Turkish as well as his companion, the producer Arif Mardin, Ahmet Ertegun was also under Islamic tradition in his homeland in Turkey's Istanbul buried. The tomb is in the Istanbul district of Uskudar in the family grave of Ozbekler Order, the Turkish liberation war played a major role.

Atlantic Records was in the 1960s to one of the great artistic and influential labels in jazz and pop music.

The first successes were the brothers Ertegun with Rhythm-and-blues artists such as Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, The Clover, The Drifters and Ray Charles to celebrate. They have succeeded, the R & B genre from a fringe issue into a major part of the music scene to develop. Ahmet Ertegun wrote a series of classic blues songs, including "Chains of Love" and "Sweet Sixteen", which he under the pseudonym "A. Nugetre" (his name written backwards) published. Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding and other soul greats celebrated in the 1960s, their great successes in Atlantic label.

In the 1960s, heard a demo of Ertegun group Led Zeppelin. This convinced him after the first song immediately, and he took Led Zeppelin under contract. He also convinced David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, Neil Young to take on tour and contributed to the formation of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with.

Ahmet Ertegun continued his skill in negotiations with major music stars A. For example, when the Rolling Stones a record company looked to her independent label Rolling Stones Records to market. Ertegun personally negotiated with Mick Jagger and was the business between the Rolling Stones and Atlantic finish, although other labels the band had offered more money than Atlantic Records.

Ertegun suggested the mid-1980s the founding of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on. From about 2002 he worked with the Turkish pop musician Tarkan on his first album in English.

In September 2006, bought Ahmet Ertegün with the Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch the Turkish private channel TGRT for 90 million U.S. dollars.

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