Sheldon Adelson


Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon Adelson, born in 1933 in Boston, is a billionaire American real estate developer and owner of several casinos. It is the 13th World fortune. His fortune, in 2008, is estimated by Forbes magazine at 26.0 billion dollars (about 16.5 billion euros)

Born into a Jewish family in the suburbs of Boston, he is the son of a taxi driver. After 12 years, he is selling newspapers in the streets. It starts in business, becoming a loan broker, investment adviser. It creates a following several companies. In 1979, he created and developed with partners a room computers, COMDEX, where he will first show global computer and it will divest in 1995 to 860 million dollars. In 1988, he acquired with partners always the casino-hotel on the Las Vegas Sands. The following year, it would add an exhibition centre and convention newly built. In 1991, a honeymoon in Venice with his wife Miriam, he had the idea to build a huge and modern casino-hotel reproducing buildings and canals of Venice in Las Vegas. The Venetian This will be built for $ 1.5 billion to replace the historical fact that Sands destroy, revolutionizing the hotel industry in Las Vegas, then pointing to all the entertainment and conventions that to the game . In 2003, there will add a tower of 1013 suites. Since then he has invested, always in casinos, Macao and Singapore

In 2007, Adelson made an unsuccessful bid to become the owner of a major Israeli newspapers, Maariv. He then planned to launch a free newspaper competitor, but abandoned the project.

Since 1991, Adelson is married to Miriam Ochshorn, a doctor. He has 5 children.

In 2006 Adelson gave 25 million dollars to the Zionist organization Birthright Israel, which funds travel Jews in Israel in order to tighten the ties between Israel and the diaspora.

In 2007, Adelson gave a new $ 25 million to Birthright Israel program allowing approximately 20 000 people to participate.

Adelson and his wife have also finance medical programs The Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Center for the Biology of Addictive Diseases Dedicated at Tel Aviv University.

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