Alain Robert (climber)


Alain Robert (climber)
Alain Robert aka Spider-Man (born April 7 1962 Digoin in Saone-et-Loire, has lived his childhood in Valencia in the Drome) is a French climber high level, which since 1994 has specialized in the escalation Urban solo, ie the rise of skyscrapers with bare hands and without equipment insurance. And the feat of the father of 3 children is even more incredible is subject to seizures from a fall on his head from 15 meters in 1982, due to a faulty node.

In 1982 he was the victim of two accidents. The worst, a fall of fifteen meters head first, during a raid rappelling, due to a poorly directed node, it is five days of coma and multiple fractures to the skull, nose, wrists, elbows, pelvis and heels. The doctors prognosis is rather optimistic: "This boy will never again climb."
A year later he rises yet again, and even reached the highest level in their discipline.
It custody since the aftermath of this accident, including a persistent vertigo caused by a problem with inner ear. Social Security is considered invalid as 60%.

* "For me, climbing is a passion. That is my philosophy of life. With 60% disability and I feel dizzy at any moment, I became one of the best climbers solo full."
* "Man creates his own limits, but we all have within us the strength to overcome to achieve our objectives. Simply finding this force and expand it."

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