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Halle Berry
Halle Berry, his full name Halle Maria Berry is an American actress, born on 14 August 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the first African American to win the Oscar for best actress.

Children and training
Its name comes from Halle Halle Building located in Cleveland Ohio.

She is the daughter of an African-American physician and a psychiatric nurse from Liverpool. Halle is raised by his mother after his parents separated when she was 4 years.

In 1986, she became Miss USA runner, won the title of Miss Teen All-American in 14 years and became a finalist in the contest Miss America and Miss World a few years later. It does not win competitions, but it stands out by his charisma and his talent as an actress.

She began a brief modeling career before dropping his first role on television in the series Living Dolls in 1989 and West Coast in 1991. In the same year, Hall began in film alongside Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever.

It won the Golden Globe in 2000 for a TV movie or she embodies Dorothy Dandridge. And it is this same year the movie X-Men brings him fame. In 2002, she became the first black actress to win the Oscar statuette awarded to the best actress for her role in the film In the Shadow of hate.

It then plays James Bond girl alongside Pierce Brosnan in the film Die Another Day.

Among his roles have included that of Tornado, in X-Men, that of Catwoman and the Jinx in Die Another Day.

* 1989: Living Dolls, a sitcom derived from Madame is served.
* 1989: West Coast, sitcom.
* 1991: Jungle Fever by Spike Lee
* 1991: Strictly Business Kevin Hooks
* 1991: The Last Samaritan of Tony Scott
* 1992: Boomerang Reginald Hudlin
* 1993: Father Hood by Darrell Roodt
* 1994: The Family Guy Brian Levant
* 1995: Losing Isaiah of Stephen Gyllenhaal
* 1996: Girl 6 of Spike Lee
* 1996: The ultimate decision by Stuart Baird
* 1996: Race the Sun Charles T. Kangan
* 1996: The Rich Man's Wife by Amy Holden Jones
* 1997: B * A * S * P Robert Townsend
* 1998: Warren Beatty in Bulworth
* 1998: Why Do Fools Fall in Love by Gregory Nava
* 1999: Dorothy Dandridge (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge) by Martha Coolidge
* 2000: Welcome to Hollywood by Tony Markes, Adam Rifkin
* 2000: X-Men by Bryan Singer
* 2001: Operation Swordfish by Dominic Sena
* 2001: In the Shadow of hatred by Marc Forster. Oscar for best actress.
* 2002: Die Another Day by Lee Tamahori
* 2003: X-Men 2, Bryan Singer
* 2003: Gothika by Mathieu Kassovitz
* 2004: Catwoman by Pitof
* 2006: X-Men's final confrontation Brett Ratner
* 2007: Hazardous seduction of James Foley
* 2008: Things We Lost in the Fire by Susanne Bier, with David Duchovny.

In 2000, she won an Emmy (7 gold American) and a Golden Globe for best actress for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

In 2002, she won the Oscar for best actress, becoming the first actress of color to receive an Oscar, and the Silver Bear for best actress at Berlin Film Festival for his role in In the shadow of hatred, Marc Forster.

It also gets the Razzie Awards 2004 for the worst actress for her performance in Catwoman. Good player, she agrees to pick up her award, waving at the same time it won the Oscar in 2002.

Six months after the birth of her daughter Nahla in 2008, Halle Berry was named the sexiest woman of the world by U.S. magazine Esquire and succeeds to Charlize Theron, who won the title in 2007.

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