Choejinsil (崔眞实, 1968 ~ 2008 il nyeon 10 nyeon 12 wol 24 wol 2) the actor and actress of the Republic of Korea, the program is in progress. MBC in 1988 and made his debut in the Chosun Dynasty 500 years hanjungrok.

Bright, cheerful images, and ads in movie and TV series made in jinchulhae seutadeom was active. Many work more than 20 years between the success of a film from the popular masses and learn to love the people in the ranks of the youth was a star. However, at his home in October 2, 2008 suicide of the people. Associated with depression and suicide anjaehwan suffer as malicious rumors were accidentally disconnected life is.

Seonil women graduated from high school, and Samsung Electronics in CF, "a man depends on the woman's" trend lines that got its popularity. Teukchae MBC since 1988 as an actor was walking the path of the actors baltakdwae. MBC Joseon Dynasty in 1988 after 500 years hanjungrok 'jealous',' I seum stars in the headlines as the heroine of the people in the group was popular actress.
Since Mr. Mama ', such as cathode ray tube screen and going to full, and was active in CF model.

To the 1994 murder of former manager, the manager baebyeongsuga case load, has been implicated in the case as a witness in court seomyeonseo suffered from a false rumor. In 2000, baseball player, and Cho was the topic on the wedding. However, in December 2002 to pagyeong bullet hole eventually married Sept. 1, 2004 to personality differences and child rearing in a divorce settlement. Since then, numerous rumors and criticism in the popular tube harakhamyeo slowly, but in a hard munyoungnam Of the work writer 100,000,000 in the hot and makes big comeback for her role as a housewife maengsunyi said. The MBC 11 Drama was successful in the ratings traction, MBC weekend drama ME jeongjun in a fancy hotel and breathing with the popularity of her time was still an opportunity to show that.

Defamation investigation
9, the end of 2008, in connection with a suicide anjaehwan 'anjaehwan the bonds was up a false rumor (in the press' choejinsil goedam' or 'sachaeeop goedam' was referred to as) has suffered and asked for an investigation. The police investigation, even a real urban legend is investigating the yupohan baekseung yeonssi summoned to the Securities and goedam the private information of the source turns out to friends, but did not find him eventually spread first. However, the spread was even a real urban legend that baekseung yeonssi choejinsil After the death to be investigated by the police when Seocho the end of the whereabouts and sent out text messages to the detective in charge of the anger of the deceased and their families and their fans, following baekseung yeonssi Social Security number, address, telephone number, the Firm , The United States, based on past experience with personal information, such as the Korean site and began to spread in her Myspace, it's all the rain beating on your blog, Myspace was closed.

October 2, 2008 Seocho-gu, Seoul around 6:15 a.m. jamwondong pressure from the home of syawobuseu found dead hanging by a bandage, and sent text messages to friends and a suicide note was found in the witness box. Of an investigation by the police, after a divorce choejinsil had some symptoms of depression, the child's parenting issues, the status of artists, said he was due to the stress. The cause of death in a suicide car must briefing Has announced that the opinion, 2 of the car to the tentative conclusion of suicide was impulsive.

At first, the family decided that the prosecution was opposed to the autopsy, but one of the family after an autopsy, as the agreement signed in Seoul Kangnam St. Mary's Hospital of the Catholic University of the local law office of Surgeon yanggyeongmo Oct. 2 from 9 pm to a house in the afternoon Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes at 10 to 20 minutes going over the autopsy and the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to prove a homicide after an autopsy, the results can not find a clue that led them to a car, while the autopsy opinion, the next day, police Seocho in Seoul official briefing, a police detective yangjaeho "When you see the autopsy results so impulsive and based on the circumstances and seems to be a suicide." He said.

October 4, 2008 remains 7:30 a.m. ilwondong Gangnam-gu, Seoul Samsung Hospital in Seoul at 10 am feet with an expression of eternal life, Sungnam, Gyeonggi Province Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province in the make-up and was enshrined in Yangpyeong yangsuri gapsan gajokmyo 0 won.

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