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Let's Talk About love Lyrics
Everywhere I go all the places that I’ve
Every smile's a new horizon on a land
I’ve never seen
There are people around the world -
different faces different names
But there's one true emotion that
reminds me we're the same...
Let's talk about love

From the laughter of a child to the tears
of a grown man
There's a thread that runs right through us
and helps us understand
As subtle as a breeze - that fans a flicker
to a flame
From the very first sweet melody to the
very last refrain...

Let's talk about love
Let's talk about us
Let's talk about life
Let's talk about trust
Let's talk about love

It's the king of all who live and the
queen of all good hearts
It's the ace you may keep up your
sleeve - till the name is all but lost
As deep as any sea - with the rage of
any storm
But as gentle as a falling leaf on any
autumn morn...

(oooo)Let's talk about love - it's all we're
Let's talk about us - the air we're
Let's talk about life - I wanna know you
Let's talk about trust - and I wanna show
Let's talk about love

(Everywhere I go all the places that I’ve
Every smile's a new horizon on a land
I’ve never seen
There are people around the world -
different faces different names
But there's one true emotion that
reminds me we're the same...)

Uhhh! Let's talk about love
Let's talk about us
Let's talk about life
Let's talk about trust
Let's talk about loooove!

It's all we're needin'
The air we're breathin'

It's all we're needin'!
The air we're breathin'!

Celine Dion
Celine Dion, CC, OQ, (born in Charlemagne, Quebec March 30 1968) is a Canadian singer. Quebec, she began her career in the 1980s and in 1990 recorded her first English album, Unison, which allows it to be known in the United States and around the world. Then, it alternates between albums in French and English and succeeded as a singer in these two languages.

In 25-year career, Celine Dion has recorded over 25 albums francophones and anglophones. In 2004, during the ceremony of the World Music Awards, she received a Chopard Diamond for selling over 175 million albums. Sony BMG, its production house, announced in 2007 that its total sales reached 200 million to 230 million albums and including monoplages (singles).

Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born in Charlemagne, a town north of Montreal. His mother, Therese Tanguay, violinist, and her father Adhemar Dion, accordionist, had 14 children which is the last Celine. His childhood was rocked by the music, because each member of his family played an instrument, and it is the age of five she sings for the first time before an audience for the marriage of his brother when interprets Mamy Blue popularized by Roger Whittaker. At eleven years old, she sang songs from her compatriot Ginette Reno restaurant from his parents.

First success
In 1980, while Celine Dion is 12 years old and a half, his mother sends a tape to Rene Angelil music, impresario of Ginette Reno and figure of the musical world in Quebec. Shortly after, she performed the song before him it was a dream, written by his mother. Rene Angelil believes in his voice and mortgaging his house to finance the career of the girl. In November 1981, the first two albums by Celine Dion out simultaneously. The first - called the Voice of God - is written by the french songwriter Eddy Marnay. Celine sings Christmas - the second album - is a collection of Christmas songs.

The year 1982 marks its first steps in France with the 45 laps it was a dream from his third album, So I love. In October 1982, she participated and won the "Musician's Award" at the World Festival of Song in Tokyo.

In 1983, she participated in the Champs Elyseas issue presented by Michel Drucker. She sings of love or friendship which became his first gold record in France. This song is from the Sun album at heart. The same year, Celine Dion launches a second album of Christmas songs and Christmas stories.

In 1984, she was chosen to represent the youth of his country for the arrival of Pope John Paul II at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal on 11 September 1984: she sang a dove to 65 000. Celine Dion came out two albums this year, Melanie and The birds of happiness includes the single My dream always. In November 1984 she made the first part of the Olympia Patrick Sebastien.

In 1985, she participated in the Quebec song for aid to Ethiopia "Les Yeux de la Faim" and released eighth album in Quebec This is for you. It is also his first tour in Quebec that will give the album Celine Dion live in concert.

In 1986, when she was only eighteen and she has just released a new single, Billy, she decided to withdraw from the scene for some time to rethink its appearance and to learn English. As a result of this interlude, the Italian author and composer Romano Musumarra it is written I do not want. This 45 rpm is the last published by the record company Pathe Records.

Global career and ascent to success
The first album of Celine Dion with her new home of CBS Records disc is Incognito. This album came out in french in 1987. In 1988, she represented Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest. She won the contest with the song Do not leave without me and is better known in Europe.

After Incognito Celine Dion embarks on an international career. David Foster who is going to lead with his first English album, Unison, released in 1990. The title Where Does My Heart Beat Now is the first song off the United States and reached the 4th place in the Billboard Hot 100. Other singles Unison are excerpts from The Last to Know and Unison.

The second English album Celine Dion Celine Dion simply called out on 30 March 1992, her 24th birthday. This album contains the theme song of the classic Walt Disney Beauty and the Beast. This duet with Peabo Bryson reached the 9th place in the Billboard and the English charts and won the Oscar for best original song. Will also be excerpts from the album: Nothing Broken But My Heart, Water From The Moon, If You Asked Me To and Love Can Move Mountains. Prince composed for this album Song With this tear.

Menant always a career in English and french, Celine Dion in 1992 also released the album Dion chante Plamondon renamed for France "Words that sound" where it takes including titles of the musical Starmania including a boy not others (Ziggy) and the Blues Businessman or L'amour existe encore, sung at the origin by Fabienne Thibaut. For this album, Luc Plamondon he wrote several new songs such as sounding words.

In November 1993 released his third English album, entitled The Color of My Love. The single The Power of Love and Think Twice are from this album. The Power Of Love, taken from the song originally performed by Air Supply, his first single was ranked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. On the occasion of the release of the album, Celine Dion and Rene Angelil publicly disclose their relationship. They married in December 1994, year of release of the album Live at the Olympia.

In 1995 fate of their French-language album written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. The album met with phenomenal success, it will sell nearly 7 million copies worldwide as "The French Album," ranks as the album's best-selling French of all time. In France, the album is still number one 44 weeks. The single Pour que tu m'aimes encore atteint la premiere place des hit-parades french, as the next single, I do not know.

The album Falling Into You was released in March 1996. There are many success: Because You Loved Me, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, River Deep Mountain High, and the resumption of All By Myself. She was selected to sing at the opening of the Olympic Games in Atlanta the same year with the song The Power of the Dream. Also in 1996, and following the European tour of their tour, Celine Dion released the album Live in Paris.

In 1997, the song My Heart Will Go On is selected for the soundtrack of the film Titanic. Written by James Horner and Will Jennings, the song remains the greatest success of Celine Dion to date, although initially, Celine Dion did not want to record this song. It Rene Angelil that forced him to record a demo to convince James Cameron, director of Titanic, which did no song in his film. Although Celine (who then recorded the album Let's Talk About Love) was not in great shape vocally, she accepted all the same by saying it was a model, and therefore, the auditors it flout its "weakness" voice. The model known so successful that it was finally the original version. The orchestration was subsequently built around his voice. My Heart Will Go On was also part of the album Let's Talk About Love, released in November 1997. In this album, Celine Dion sings tenor including Luciano Pavarotti, the Bee Gees and singer Barbra Streisand.

In 1998, collaboration between Celine Dion and Jean-Jacques Goldman gives birth to a new album entitled If enough of love, supported by extracts It does not change and not its Pending. In late 1998, she released a Christmas album entitled Anglophone These Are Special Times, where she sang with Frank Sinatra. United States, the duet with R. Kelly I'm Your Angel extrait de cet album spend six weeks number one.

In June 1999 it meets the Stade de France two consecutive nights as part of the world tour Let's Talk About Love. The live album At the heart of the stadium is recorded during these concerts. The same year released the compilation All The Way ... A Decade of Song, which contains his best songs and new English songs including That's The Way It Is On the evening of 31 December 1999, after 18-year career, she retired temporarily from public view after a final concert in Montreal.

The Quebec diva Celine Dion and the Canadian tenor Ben Heppner will enter the rank of Companion of the Order of Canada, the highest rank of the main Canadian civilian honor, the authorities announced on 30 December 2008.

Back to the song
In 2002, after an absence of over two years, Celine Dion returns to the limelight with a new album in English, A New Day Has Come. And she played the tape moose film Stuart Little 2, I'm Alive.

He was followed in 2003 by the album One Heart out on the day of the launch of A New Day show in Las Vegas in March 2003. I drove all night, a revival of Roy Orbison, was the first extract. This album differs from previous ones in most of sounds incorporating dance, knows a mixed critical reception.

The show A New Day is the culmination of a two-year contract between the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and Celine Dion. The show, combining singing, theater and dance on a virtual, is headed by the Belgian designer Franco Dragone, and starts on 25 March 2002. The success is such that sign one more year in 2004. The contract finally commit to the 15 December 2007. The room (about 4 100 seats) is full every night. At the end of its series, 741 performances of A New Day have been issued, of which only 18 concerts will be canceled.

In 2003 she released a French album, entitled 1 fille & 4 types, created with Jean-Jacques Goldman, Gildas Arzel, Eric Benzi, and Jacques Veneruso all Francophone authors. All the gold of men will be the first single, followed by I love you still.

In 2004, she released a concept album, Miracle, with photographer Anne Geddes for children, linking photos and singing lullabies, like What a Wonderful World, immortalized by Louis Armstrong and the Loup, La Biche et le Chevalier d'Henri Salvador . In 2005, a compilation featuring his biggest securities French, On ne change pas, is launched. It also contains several new single which I can not forget you and the duet with the group Il Divo I Believe in You. That same year she was named Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur but does receive the 22 May 2008.

In 2007, while the show A New Day in Las Vegas coming to an end, Celine Dion released two albums, one francophone and one anglophone. D'Elles includes writings by 5 writers and 5 French Quebec writers, including a letter written by George Sand and a tribute to Callas. The album was again supervised by Jean-Jacques Goldman, although he not participate in the composition, or writing. And if the singles that were left, and Immensity A case will be extracted. Well received in Canada, the album is nonetheless a more cautious in France, where it sells for just under 300 000 copies.

Taking chances, her English album, released on 12 November 2007. Although the album does not work in France, it sold 3 million copies in the world. The first single is Taking Chances (a recovery group Platinum Weird), followed by Alone and Eyes on Me In Japan, the song A World To Believe In sortit also in single duet with Yuna Ito.

A DVD of his show in Las Vegas, for his fate on 11 December 2007. In Canada, he became the first DVD to be certified triple diamond disk.

As his tour draws to a close, she released a compilation in English, My Love: Essential Collection, which we find the single There comes a times and the live version of My Love.

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