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Vision of Love Lyrics
Treated me kind
Sweet destiny
Carried me through desperation
To the one that was waiting for me
It took so long
Still I believed
Somehow the one that I needed
Would find me eventually

I had a vision of love
And it was all that you've given to me

Prayed through the nights
Felt so alone
Suffered from alienation
Carried the weight on my own

Had to be strong
So I believed
And now I know I've succeeded
In finding the place I conceived

I had a vision of love (ooooh)
And it was all that you've given to me
I had a vision of love (ooooh)
And it was all that you've given me

I've realized a dream
And I visualized
The love that came to be
Feel so alive
I'm so thankful that I received
The answer that heaven has sent down to me

You treated me kind (yeah)
Sweet destiny (I'm so glad that you did)
And I'll be eternally grateful
Holding you so close to me
Prayed through the nights
So faithfully
Knowing the one that I needed
Would find me eventually (would find me)

I had a vision of love
And it was all that you've given to me
I had a vision of love
And it was all that you turned out to be

Mariah carey
Mariah Carey (born March 27 1970 in Long Island, in New York suburb of New York) is an American pop singer, but her musical style is as diverse directions such as R'n'B, gospel, rap or ballads, as well as artistic director and a movie actress.

Author-composer of most of his songs, it depends on the Billboard magazine's most popular performer of the 1990s in the United States. It sold nearly 200 million records in the world.

Mariah Carey was born to a father of Afro-Venezuelan, Alfred Roy Carey, and an Irish mother of Patricia Hickey, a professor of singing and opera singer. Mariah has an older sister, Alison (b. 1959) and an older brother, Morgan (born 1961).

Children of Mariah (1970-1989)
According to official biographies, Mariah had a difficult childhood and painful. Indeed, with her family in a white neighborhood, every community living separately in the United States, it must cope with racism and hatred of some members of this community who see then take a dim view of the marriage of her mother with a black man, moreover, the grandmother of Patricia Hickley deny that after his marriage to Mariah's father. Mariah's parents, no longer have the inner resources to support more life, while Mariah divorced just three years ago: Alison went to live with his father while Mariah is entrusted with his brother to his mother.

It gives singing lessons at the age of four. To cope with the difficulties of his childhood - racism and poverty - Mariah continues to develop his artistic talent, taking refuge in the world it was built through singing and writing his own texts from the school. So it was nicknamed "Mirage" because of its low school attendance due to the fact that she was working on his musical creations. After obtaining the Certificate of Education, she moved to Manhattan where, in order to save her life, she accepts small jobs. It was during these years that it is a meeting that will be decisive with a friend of her brother, Ben Margulies. Musician, he's working with Mariah on compositions while writing the text and interpreter. Meanwhile, Mariah is vocalist Brenda K. Starr, which will enable him to meet his future mentor.

First commercial success (1990-1992)
At an evening gathering of the ultra-trendy personalities of American musical world, Brenda K. Starr hereby Tommy Mottola (head of the record company Sony Music) and gives a demo of songs she has performed. After listening to the model, Tommy Mottola is sure to have discovered a talent he proposes to Mariah Carey a ten albums with the majors. In 1990 the first album Mariah Carey fate. Title Mariah Carey, it turns very quickly into a real success, remaining eleven weeks at the top of the Billboard U.S. The single Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday and I Do not Want to Cry are all ranked # 1 U.S. charts. Mariah Carey album would have sold over 13.5 million albums in the world.

In 1991, Mariah released his second studio album Emotions experiencing great success with 8 million copies sold. This does not prevent the first single (the same name) from this new opus Emotions to rank No. 1 in U.S. charts and Japanese. Mariah first establishes a record by becoming the only artist to classify its first five singles top the charts. During this same year that Mariah receives its first awards: two Grammy Awards. As for his private life, she started a relationship with Tommy Mottola.

To cope with the gossip peddled by American criticism which suggests that Mariah would be usurping a unable to sing his songs in concert, Mariah decides to participate in the program MTV Unplugged on which it is invited. It plays its first live success: Emotions, If It's Over, Someday Vision Of Love, Make It Happen and Can not Let Go, and a resumption of the Jackson Five: I'll Be There. The production of the show impressed by the performance of Mariah decided to release an album and a video of his performance on 20 June 1992. The single from this album, I'll Be There, ranks No. 1 in U.S. charts. The title is also No. 1 in Canada, becoming the 3rd song of Mariah to reach first place in this country. The MTV Unplugged sales are estimated at 6.5 million copies.

International success (1993-1996)
In 1993 Mariah married Tommy Mottola and released his fourth album, Music Box, Mariah Carey reveals that around the world. The first two singles from the album, Dreamlover Hero and both rank first U.S. charts. Dreamlover become No. 1 in Canada. Followed by a resumption of the tube Without You by Harry Nilsson and Anytime You Need A Friend, which is a great gospel song, a style that Mariah Carey loves especially. Note: Without You is the biggest success of Mariah Carey in Europe. He was No. 1 in many countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Austria ... He would have sold 30 million albums in the world according to the official website the singer. She began her first tour, the "Music Box Tour", which is located exclusively in the United States.

In 1994 released the album Merry Christmas songs Christmas. The first single from the album All I Want For Christmas Is You get a rare success for a Christmas song in Japan but that the impact of this song is the most important since it is the biggest success Mariah as singles. The song became a cult in the world, ranking all in the Christmas Top 10 most downloaded songs on iTunes and reinstating the national and international charts. The album would have sold 12 million copies.

In 1995, Mariah released his sixth studio album, Daydream. Highly anticipated, after the board of Music Box and because of its new world, the album does not disappoint, becoming among other things his biggest commercial success in the United States. The album is more hip-hop and RnB connected. The single reached directly Fantasy 1st place the Billboard and stayed there eight weeks. However, the biggest success of this album, and also the biggest success of all time charts U.S., is One Sweet Day (duet performed with Boyz II Men), which remains No. 1 sixteen weeks. The latest single distributed in the U.S. market, Always Be My Baby, also reached the highest summit of Billboard. The album was a huge success in the world. Mariah undertakes a new mini-tour: the Daydream Tour ". This time, Japan (three dates in Tokyo), the Netherlands, England, France and Germany are the lucky lucky. In the end, would Daydream sold more than 24 million copies.

The independence of Mariah
She divorced in 1997 from Tommy Mottola: excessive jealousy of her husband and his influence on career choices of Mariah totally stifled singer. His desire to escape his companion - who went to the forward and put it on listening - has pushed to break. She goes out the same year and the Butterfly butterfly becomes a symbol of freedom recovered.

In this album, Mariah considers that an important turning point in his career, there are two titles listed No. 1 in U.S. charts: Honey and My All. The evolution of Mariah is not that musical turtleneck subscribes to the express request of her ex-husband, she began to adopt a new style of clothing more sexy (mini-skirts, a little high). Mariah began his third tour the Butterfly Tour. " True to its habits, few countries will be visited: Australia, Japan (where it breaks records of tickets sold), Taiwan and Hawaii (show memorable by Mariah who often cites as his favorite concert). According to some American critics the album is an album of transition to R & B. Sales of "Butterfly" is estimated at 12 million copies.

In 1998 released the first compilation of the best songs from Mariah Carey, the album # 1's. On this album, you can find all the No. 1 singles for Mariah, three duos that are When You Believe with Whitney Houston (Soundtrack for the animated The Prince of Egypt), which is No. 1 in Japan and Spain, Whenever You Call with Brian McKnight, and Sweetheart duet with Jermaine Dupri, as well as twice: Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme from Mahogany) and I Still Believe, a song by Brenda K Starr that she was the vocalist, making him tribute. In the world, 15 million copies of # 1's have been sold. The anthology closes the first part of your career to Mariah Carey.

In 1999, Mariah released the album Rainbow whose first single Heartbreaker, duet with Jay-Z, is ranked No. 1 Billboard. The change in look is total and Mariah launches itself a new mode: jeans cut at the waist. Follow Thank God I Found You duet with R & B singer Joe (who rose to the top of U.S. charts becoming the 15th No. 1 of Mariah in her homeland), Can not Take That Away, Against and Crybaby All Odds (Phil Collins resumed which is No. 1 in England and Brazil). The album sold 9 million copies. It makes its first real world tour, the "Rainbow Tour". Three continents (North America, Europe and Asia) were able to cheer diva. However many critics to Mariah Carey reprocherent one vote more than tired during the tour. Finally, Mariah Carey would be the biggest seller of the decade 1990-2000, at the time with 140 million albums from the World Music Awards.

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