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Sir Elton Hercules John, born under the name of Reginald Kenneth Dwight is a singer / songwriter pop British, born March 25, 1947 at Pinner in Middlesex, a suburb of London. It remains one of the biggest record sellers of all time, his most famous album was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or Captain Fantastic Blue Moves. He has officially adopted the name Elton Hercules John in 1972. He has four half-brothers. In 40 years of career he has sold over 450 million albums.

His meeting with Bernie Taupin in the late 1960s determines career. Elton John was truly recognized by his peers after a tour to promote his album Elton John in the U.S. in 1970. Her first concert took place at the Troubadour in Los Angeles August 25. Eric Clapton and Leon Russell will applaud on stage.

Early (late 1960s)
Elton John comes out first a debut album titled Empty Sky, but it went more or less unnoticed and do not received the critical support. With his second album, Elton John, released in 1970, the artist becomes an international reputation. The first single, Border Song gets some success while Your Song propels the tops of the English charts. The album, characterized by very active orchestration by Paul Buckmaster, is to look like baroque, announcement and other equally famous opus like Madman Across the Water (1971) or Blue Moves (1975).

Tumbleweed Connection and Madman Across the Water confirm the new popularity of the singer. Located on the ramp of success is in 1972 with the album Honky Chateau it imposes a new musical style based on thorough training of musicians is not for the studio recordings (Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray, Nigel Olsson ). He is able to write and record albums quickly between two tours (his contract with DJM, imposing the release of two albums per year) rounds which took him to the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In 1973 he founded his own record label (ROCKET) and sign Kiki Dee and Neil Sedaka.

With Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973), Elton John needed pop in the '70s. This double album goes on the hit titles: Candle In The Wind (dedicated to Marilyn Monroe), Bennie And The Jets, Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting), or the title track. The album is still regarded as the greatest achievement of the artist.

Of all the albums released in the 70s (17 in 9 years), Elton John and his group deliver also two other masterpieces: Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy 1975 and Blue Moves in 1976, often regarded as forming with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road the three pillars of the prolific career of British singer. These albums offer a progressive rock, melodic and often manic, very far from what Elton John was able to eventually produce (think of the many ballads as Sacrifice or Can You Feel The Love Tonight after the soundtrack of Lion King, which, if they are quality, the artist has locked in an image of pop artist, producer of classic songs and sometimes Gentillet).

The 1980s were a period during which it ambiguous Renata married in 1984 (he divorced in 1988) and wrote a multitude of hits like Blue Eyes, I guess that's why they call it blues, I'm still standing (real snub to its detractors), Nikita, Sad Songs (Say So Much), the swirling I do not want to go on with you like that or Whispers. Despite these hit singles, the 80s remains the symbol of a certain loss of inspiration, combined with alcohol and drugs.

Also in 1987 he engraved on a disc of these concerts: Live in Australia, with a symphony orchestra which was fired a new version of Candle in the Wind in single, which comes in the top 5 fighter. In a period of uneven albums (Leather Jackets for example, considered by the artist as the worst of his career), Elton John decided to reinterpret the old songs, mostly from his second album. However, the singer is suffering at the time of a cyst on his vocal cords which amputated his performance, he also had to undergo surgery shortly after the concert. Live in Australia still remains one of the highlights of his career.

It was not until the 1990s to experience the rebirth of Elton John who was able, however, for thirty years, keeping her place on the rock scene.

* In 1990 the single "Sacrifice from the album Sleeping With The Past becomes a worldwide hit as well as the album sold 10 million copies.
* In 1991 released a live version of Do not let the sun go down on me with George Michael who is No. 1 in particular the United States, England, Japan.
* In 1992 the album The One embodies the return of Elton John on the front of the stage after his rehab. The eponymous single became a hit too global and provides a very good career with this album.
* In 1994 they released the soundtrack of the animated Walt Disney's The Lion King, which runs to 18 million copies worldwide and becoming hard diamond this year in the United States.
* In 1995 an album released the critically acclaimed Made in England with singles Believe, Made in England and Blessed are extracted.
* In 1997 Elton publishes the album The Big Picture with the single "Something About the Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind 1997 (Candle in the Wind was rewritten for the occasion by Bernie Taupin to contact Diana Spencer) who sold 33 million copies after the funeral of the princess.
* More recently, Elton John returns to a style closer to his first album with Opus as Songs From The West Coast (2001), Peachtree Road (2004) and The Captain and the Kid (2006). It is also echo the famous Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, and the lyrics of Bernie Taupin deal with different moments in the careers of two companions.

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