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Bon Jovi is a group of Hard FM American New Jersey. Its name comes from the leader and lead singer, John Bongiovi. The group has had success in the 1980s. He showed greater longevity than other groups of hard FM this time, mixing elements of hard rock, folk music and style MTV Unplugged, and is making a commercial success that lasts until today.

Bon Jovi has sold over 33 million albums in the United States and more than 120 million albums worldwide. He has performed concerts in major cities in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada and South America, plus a large number of shows in the United States.

* John Francis Bongiovi: Main Vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
* Richie Sambora: Lead guitar, vocals, talk box (on Livin 'on a Prayer, It's My Life, etc..)
* David Bryan: Keyboards, vocals
* Tico Torres: Drums, Percussion
* Alec John Such: bass guitar (left the band in 1994)
* Hugh McDonald: Bass guitar, vocals (it is not recognized as a full member of the group)

On some CDs available on the Internet, the singer is named Jon Bon Jovi, but it is his stage name. His marital status is John Francis Bongiovi.

The lead singer Jon Bon Jovi began to play piano and guitar at the age of 13, playing songs from Elton John. At that age, he founded his first band, Raze. At 16 years, Bon Jovi met David Bryan school Sayreville War Memorial High School and together they founded a group R & B called Atlantic City Expressway. Despite their young age, they have played in various clubs in New Jersey. Teenager, Jon Bon Jovi played in the band John Bongiovi and the Wild Ones, playing local clubs in New Jersey and providing the opening for known acts in the region.

In summer 1982, he obtained a job at the recording studio with his cousin Tony Bongiovi is the owner, the Power Station Studios located in Manhattan. Jon made several demos (including one produced by Billy Squier) and sent to many record companies - but failed to be heard. These demos were eventually released as Power Station Years.

At 19, Jon Bon Jovi had his first experience recording disc, singing the song R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas written by Meco Monardo and Daniel Oriolo on a Christmas album in the Star Wars universe, Christmas in the Stars, produit par Tony Bongiovi aux studios Power Station. This title will appear in the B-side single "What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When he Already Owns A Com).

In 1983 a local radio station, WAPP, organized a competition to discover young talent without a contract. Jon Bon Jovi has hired musicians to play the song "Runaway" (written in 1980). The guitarist on this song is Dave Sabo who later founded the band Skid Row. After his victory in this contest, the song became a hit during the summer of 1983. The studio musicians who helped Jon Bon Jovi at the register were known as The All Star Review and Tim Pierce (guitar), Roy Bittan (keyboards), Frankie LaRocka (drums) and Hugh McDonald (bass).

Jon Bon Jovi was now urgently need a group. Prospective members had already crossed in the past, but they would meet for good in the month of March 1983. He appealed to Dave Bryan, who, in turn, appealed to Alec John Such and Tico Torres.

Many guitarists have succeeded until the arrival of Richie Sambora. Alec John Such has urged Jon Bon Jovi to leave Sambora show what he could do and Jon Bon Jovi loved.

Tico Torres was also an experienced musician, he played for Miles Davis, The Marvelettes and Chuck Berry. In total, he had already played on 26 albums of various artists.

David Bryan was a natural recruit. He studied at Juilliard School, a prestigious music school in New York. He had already played with Jon in Atlantic City Expressway.

The 1980
Bon Jovi was a band now and when he secured the first part of the band Scandal, he has attracted the attention of several record labels including PolyGram, with which he will sign a contract.

With the help of a new impresario Doc McGhee, the band's first album (self-titled album) was released January 21, 1984. The album has sold over 500,000 copies in the United States and is also released in the United Kingdom. The group held the first part of ZZ Top at Madison Square Garden (before the release of her debut album) and Scorpions and Kiss in Europe. The group is shooting a video for "Runaway" for a sum of 90,000 dollars. But the group cordially hates this video, there is little real success, and Jon even said that the record company had screwed up her song and her life was ruined. He was unaware that the clip of "She Do not Know Me" would be even worse!

In 1985 the second album of Bon Jovi 7800 ° Fahrenheit was released, but the reactions are mixed. The British metal magazine Kerrang!, Which had very positive feedback on the first disc, called the album "pale imitation of the Bon Jovi we have come to know and learned to love". Jon Bon Jovi himself later acknowledged that it could and should have been a better disc. But the group had only three weeks to compose and tour of 1985 was already planned before the band enters the studio, which added a huge pressure on the shoulders of Bon Jovi. The group plays no sample of this album for a long time, but few live tracks included on the B-sides of singles.

A video, "Breakout," includes clips from the first two albums appeared after the tour.

In 1985 Jon made sign Cinderella on Polygram via Derek Shulman. Group led by composer / guitarist / vocalist Tom Keifer who had a following in the Philadelphia area. Cinderella affect the charts with "Night Songs", his first album, whose single "Nobody's Fool" will be gold.

The third album Slippery When Wet, has propelled the group to superstar status around the world with hits such as You Give Love a Bad Name, "Livin 'On A Prayer" and "Wanted Dead or Alive". Bon Jovi said that the album was so named after the famous American road sign, but Bryan gave this version to explain the album title: "While recording the record we often find ourselves in a striptease club where incredibly attractive young women were rubbing each other with soap and water. They became so slippery and nobody could grab them, even if you'd really want. "Slippery when wet!" shouted one of us and the other members knew immediately that this should be the title of new album "Originally, we thought we post a picture of a big chest, a chest really enormous the cover but when an association to protect the morals (led by the wife of former Vice-President of the United States of America Al Gore) has discovered, we had trouble. We therefore transformed the pocket to do something decent. To help the composition, Jon and Richie contact Desmond Child, who had worked for Kiss allowing them to get a worldwide hit with "I Was Made For Lovin 'You". Recycling one written songs for Bonnie Tyler, "If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)", Desmond uses the chorus to "You Give Love a Bad Name". The first song written in this collaboration is "Edge Of A Broken Heart", but it ends on a B-side, creating a controversy among fans who saw this song the legitimate eleventh title of "Slippery When Wet."

The album has sold over 12 million copies since its release late 1986. During the tour that followed, the singer Jon Bon Jovi began to experience vocal problems. The very high notes and the busy schedule threatened to damage his voice permanently. Thanks to a vocal coach, he has managed to overcome these difficulties, but is, since, singing in a lower tone. The highlight of this tour is the headliner of the Monsters Of Rock at Donington, with Dio, Cinderella, Anthrax and Metallica. Once the tour ended in Hawaii, the group takes a few weeks off before getting down to the fourth album. 70 tracks are composed and recorded, while 22 will be completely finalized. The record company objected to plans to release a double album, finding it commercially risky.

The next album from Bon Jovi, New Jersey, was released in 1988. The album was recorded shortly after the tour for Slippery group members wanted to prove they were not men of a single success. This album is a favorite among fans, with songs like "Bad Medicine" and "Lay Your Hands On Me" which are always high on their singing tour. Nevertheless, New Jersey has failed to mark the death of the group as they left on tour almost immediately after that, very heavy, the previous album. This life constantly on the road almost destroyed the strong ties that bound Jon Bon Jovi and Sambora. The group nevertheless managed to escape and began a well-deserved break before their next studio effort.

It's Skid Row that Bon Jovi was accompanied on the road, but thanks for this, Jon has signed a contract where he kept the majority of the group's royalties. Interesting, especially since their first album sold four million copies in the United States. This will trigger a war by proxy between press and Jon Sebastian Bach, the charismatic leader of Skid Row.

It's Kerrang magazine that launched the rumor of the split of the group before the end of the tour, Richie Sambora is apparently dissatisfied with his simple sidekick status in the group. In addition, the group surfing a big wave of success for over three years, the magazine questioned the ability of Bon Jovi to pulverize the charts again, because the group had four No. 1 songs on the Billboard. It was still only speculation, although the atmosphere in the group was very morose.

On top of these years of success, the group wanted to leave "First Five Live", a double live album with one side of 33 rounds packed with unreleased tracks from recording sessions for "New Jersey". But fate decided otherwise.

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