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Paul McCartney
Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE (born June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England) is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist UK. He was co-leader and bassist of the British group The Beatles from 1957 to 1970, then the founder and leader of Wings from 1971 to 1981, before pursuing a solo career to date, uninterrupted, and give concerts in the world, during which he took the biggest hits composed or co-composed for over 45 years.

Within the Beatles, with his partner John Lennon, he formed a tandem of the most influential and most productive in the history of rock 'gives birth to much of the hit songs of the rock. After the Beatles breakup in 1970, McCartney launched a successful solo career and his form, with his wife Linda and the original musician Denny Laine Moody Blues, the band Wings, which hosts several other members during its years of operation before dissolved in 1981. He has contributed to the soundtracks of several films, composed albums of classical music and electronics. He has written a large catalog of songs with the Beatles and Wings, and as a solo artist and has participated in several charitable projects.

Sole holder of the "Ultimate Legend Award" and a rhodium disc, it is considered one of the most popular composers of the twentieth century and one of the biggest record sellers of its second half.

1942-1957: Childhood and adolescence

His father, Jim, played the piano in a jazz band and was representing cotton. There was also a firefighter at night. He played the trumpet but without much success. Her mother, Mary, a former nurse, died in 1956 of breast cancer.

1957-1970: The Beatles
Paul begins by playing the trumpet, and piano, like his father, and finally learn the guitar from the age of 14. He met John Lennon July 6, 1957 at a parish feast (fair), through his friend Ivan Vaughan. His first pseudonym Paul Ramon, a name which will be taken up by the Ramones tribute. Within the Beatles, it goes to low when the first bass player Stuart Sutcliffe left the band in 1961. His Hofner Violin Bass know herself famous through her famous musician. Paul was chosen because, being left-handed, symmetrical shape suited him. Paul and John team up very quickly, even teenagers, to write songs.

Led by their young manager Brian Epstein (who died in August 1967) and from their appointment by George Martin at Parlophone (a division of EMI) in the summer of 1962, the Beatles became world famous and familiar with the largest commercial success of the record industry in the twentieth century. The "signature" Lennon / McCartney entered the history of music. They become the duo's most famous composers of the rock movement and its derivatives. Only six years elapsed between their first recordings (Please Please Me) and their final (Abbey Road) drive. This is Paul McCartney announced that the group split flagship 1960 April 10, 1970, in a press release included in the promotional pack his first solo album. It happens to compose for other artists and produce, as is the case for Mary Hopkin, the first artist outside of the Beatles, to sign at Apple.

1971-1981: Wings
After the Beatles, he publishes first two albums under his own name. The first, entitled simply McCartney, is registered at his farm in Scotland. Paul, good multi-instrumentalist he is, there is only one of the instruments (he released two solo albums 100%, McCartney II, and twenty-five years later, in 2005, Chaos and Creation In The Backyard).

The second album, Ram, is still solo, but there are already two future members of his group Wings: his wife Linda and Denny Seiwell and David Spinozza and Hugh McCracken, two musicians who will work three years with Detroit. This album will arise from this glowing review: "The Beatles are back they are now called Paul McCartney". It is a fact that the song Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey a few accents of Sgt. Pepper, with its brass and strings.

Then, in September 1971, Paul founded his own group, Wings, which includes his wife Linda. In 1973, Band on the Run, the third album, won him the consecration of criticism. Paul continues in 1975 with the album Venus and Mars album specially designed for a world tour with the Wings.

The song Silly Love Songs is the Wings tour in the United States a success that gives nothing to the former Beatles. The song is a response without malice to John Lennon who then gave a more political coloration to his songs and had lamented in an interview with the proliferation of "silly love songs" in question, but also cite Paul . A television film of Michael Lindsay-Hogg became legendary, Two of Us, describes the meeting of John and Paul when the Wings went on tour in New York. In 1978 he composed with Denny Laine song Mull of Kintyre, which remains to this day the 45 best-selling tours in the world.

In October 1979, the Guinness Book of Records presented him with a rhodium disc certifying its record sales of discs. It is the only artist to have received such a reward. 1979 is also the year of the release of the last Wings album, Back to the Egg, which has been less successful than the previous albums. The group Wings was dissolved in May 1981 after the arrest of Paul in Japan for possession of marijuana.

1980-present: Solo career
Shocked by the death of John Lennon, December 8, 1980, Paul pays tribute to him on his second solo album post-Wings in the song Here Today. This song is taken, many years later, in 2003, on his live album Back in the World. There is also a recovery in the form of homage to the song Something by George Harrison.

He collaborated with Michael Jackson in 1982 for his song "The Girl Is Mine and Say Say Say, and with Stevie Wonder in 1981 for Ebony and Ivory (released on the album Tug of War).

Musical experiments
A Japanese magazine gave Paul forty-eight hours to make a list of his ten favorite songs. Among these ten songs, we can mention God Only Knows by the Beach Boys, and several pieces of 1950s rock. He also cited three songs of his work, Love Me Do The Beatles, Daytime Nightime Suffering, "and" We Got Married, which appears on the album Flowers in the Dirt and the world tour this year, Tripping The Live Fantastic.

After Linda's death to which he paid tribute in the oratorio Ecce cor meum he composed in 2006, he married Heather Mills, former model whom he met while organizing a gala for Handicap International, and herself disabled leg. It was in 2006, attracted the wrath of the British tabloids following the announcement of his upcoming divorce from Paul and for posing in his youth for photos of charm.

Paul's brother Mike McGear (Peter Michael McCartney), who already sang before the Beatles meet with success (and changed its name to that time, so you do not go for opportunistic), was part of that group The Scaffold also had its moment of glory with a song "to drink," Lily The Pink, now in France through Richard Anthony syrup typhoon in late 1968.

In 1993, McCartney and Youth have launched the duo of electro-experimental The Fireman.

"Back" Beatles
Paul McCartney is now very active in promoting animal rights and vegetarianism, regularly supporting the campaigns of Peta. He was knighted by the Queen of England.

The name of the album Flaming Pie comes from a vision that John Lennon would have had when he was young, a man on fire in a block which told him he would be a beatle with a big, interesting story since the album was supposed to be a tribute to the Beatles era.

Paul McCartney also devotes much of the 1990s to the project The Beatles Anthology, in which they are told, and that leads to the release of three double albums, a television series and a book between 1994 and 2000.

Marriage to Linda Eastman
Brian Epstein had done his best to hide the fact that John Lennon was married (it was better for their image among young groupies that they believe the single), but information transpired. When the issue was raised in a group interview, John praised the joys of fatherhood, while Paul said that this condition does not attract him. After A Hard Day's Night, Jane Asher become a sort of "permanent girlfriend" of Paul, who will offer a few songs to his brother Peter Asher of the duo Peter and Gordon (including World Without Love). They were inseparable, they were seen everywhere together, and then one day Paul, the last Beatles single to be left, announces his marriage to a young American divorcee named Linda Eastman! The researchers clues Throttle: Is this not proof that Paul expected that there is not the same Paul?

In 1969, Linda gave birth to Mary, his second daughter and first child of Paul. And during the 1970s, two other small McCartney born, another girl named Stella and a son, James.

Paul raises fanatic monogamous: Linda is mobilized in his group Wings, Paul never fails to praise Linda, Paul creates songs to celebrate openly Linda (My Love, Letting Go ..), Paul indicates length of interview that the chance of a lifetime is to be met Linda, etc.. In a world of show biz where divorce is common (the other Beatles have the opportunity to discover), against all odds, the couple Paul and Linda who will remain stable until the death of that below.

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