Eva Braun, Munich

Eva Braun
Eva Anna Paula Braun, Hitler married name, born February 6, 1912 in Munich and died April 30, 1945 in Berlin is a German photographer. It was first the mistress, then wife of Adolf Hitler.

Childhood and Education
The daughter of a professor interior designer in vocational school, Friedrich Braun (nicknamed "Fritz") and Franziska Kronberger, the daughter of a former director of veterinary services. The couple has three daughters, Ilse, b. 1908, Eva in 1912 and Gretl in 1926. Franziska, a Catholic place then convinced her daughter to the convent Simbach-am-Inn, where she shows talent for athletics.

Eva Braun is a graduate of secretary-typist-book and dream of one day becoming an actress in Hollywood.

The meeting with Hitler
Eva Braun crosses the path of Adolf Hitler in 1929 in Munich, while working as an assistant to Heinrich Hoffman, the official photographer of the Nazi party. They meet during a visit to Hitler in the workshop. Eva Braun confided later to his sister "I devoured the eyes." She slips a love letter in the pocket of Hitler at a future appointment ?

At seventeen years ago, Eva Braun was really fascinated by this man forty years. She seems attracted by the appearance of male domination that it gives a whip bearing ? He is then presented as Herr Wolff, a nickname he frequently uses in the 1920s to remain anonymous. To her friends she describes as "a gentleman of a certain age wearing a funny mustache and wearing a tall felt hat. However, things quickly get complicated for the girl.

Both families opposed their relationship. Moreover, Fritz Braun, who does not adhere at all to National Socialism and who does not like Adolf Hitler for his political and moral considers him a "bum of Austria. He then asks to stop seeing his daughter.

The beginning of the relationship
We know little about the first two years of their relationship. The half-sister of Hitler, Angela Raubal, Geli Raubal mother, who committed suicide in 1931, sees Eva Braun with condescension. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler attended other women such as actress Renate Muller, who is this time alongside his lover in Munich, then at the Berlin chancellery, but committed suicide in 1937,

Eva Braun tries to commit suicide in 1932, with a bullet in the neck, and again in 1935, absorbing a large quantity of sleeping pills. After his recovery, Adolf Hitler decided to be closer to her and takes her to his villa Wasserburgerstrasse in the outskirts of Munich, and he even provides a car with driver.

A serious relationship but discreet
Eva Braun moves in with him in 1936, the Berghof, Hitler's residence in Bavaria near Berchtesgaden. Some historians assume that it is aware of certain details about the activities of the Government? But most sources say it takes away from politics. Eva Braun and his companion, however never appear together in public, and their marriage is very late. Thus, the Germans know nothing about their relationship until the end of the Second World War.

In his autobiography Erinnerungen, Albert Speer, chief architect of the government, described their relationship:

"Eva Braun was allowed to attend interviews with the elders of the party. But it should disappear when other members of government, as ministers, arrived [...]. Clearly, Hitler accepted his company company up to certain limits. Sometimes, I kept him company when she was alone in the room next to Hitler. She was so frightened that she dared not even leave the house for some fresh air. Beyond that I felt sympathy for his predicament, I started to like this woman unhappy, deeply attached to Hitler."

It is however important to note that Eva Braun is very close to Hitler until the end.

During the war
Even during the Second World War, Eva Braun seems to have many hobbies, such as playing sports, reading novels in rose water, watching movies. But his penchant for sunbathing, completely naked, and his taste to be photographed in this evil in Adolf Hitler. " It also focuses heavily on photography and Rolleiflex Girls, a group of enthusiasts whose name is inspired by a famous camera brand. The landscape also his own darkroom in which it develops the majority of photographs and films about her life with the head of the German State.

Gunsche Otto and Heinz Linge, during their interrogations by Soviet intelligence at the end of the war argue that Eva Braun is central to the life of the dictator during his twelve years in power. In 1936, they say: "She always accompanied him. When he heard the voice of his beloved, he became happy. He jokes about her new hats. After his days work, they spent time together drinking champagne and cognac costs, and eat chocolate and fruit. The report adds that When Adolf Hitler was too busy to devote time, "Eva was often in tears." Heinz Linge said that before the war, Adolf Hitler ordered an increase surveillance of the house of Eva Braun in Munich, after the latter had reported to the Gestapo that a woman had treated her "whore of the Fuhrer."

Adolf Hitler is said to be opposed to the make-up, partly because they are made from animals, he even talk during meals. Linge, who was his valet, says that one day, his employer laughed traces of lipstick on these napkin Eva Braun, then told him jokingly "Soon, lipstick be made from the bodies of dead soldiers. "

In 1944, the sister of Eva Braun, Gretl, married a member of Hitler's entourage, Hermann Fegelein, general working alongside SS Heinrich Himmler. Adolf Hitler used the marriage as an excuse to allow Braun to official duties. But in 1945, Hermann Fegelein is executed on Hitler's orders for desertion, and for keeping secret the negotiation attempts of Heinrich Himmler. Eva Braun would be no action on behalf of his brother, despite what the film's downfall.

Beginning in April 1945, Eva Braun joined Hitler Fuhrerbunker his bunker under the new Chancellery in Berlin. When the Red Army conquered Berlin, she refuses to leave, out of loyalty to his companion. They even get married April 29, 1945, during a brief civil ceremony. Some rumors say then that during this stay in the bunker, Hitler Eva was pregnant with her husband, however, no evidence was ever provided? They all committed suicide April 30, 1945, Eva absorbing a cyanide capsule. Their bodies were immediately cremated with petrol in the gardens of the new Chancery.

Their remains were quickly discovered by the Russians, then buried in secret in the SMERSH compound in Magdeburg, with the bodies of Joseph and Magda Goebbels and their six children. A detachment of female soldiers then Soviet press in the new Chancellery bunker and was seen leaving with furs, underwear and makeup of the recent dead, not the Soviet Union or in the rubble of Germany clothing such luxury. Both bodies were exhumed in 1970, then cremation is completed, and their ashes scattered in the Elbe?

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