Adam Lambert, Los Angeles, California

Adam Lambert
Mitchel Adam Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is a singer and actor from Los Angeles, California. It is one of 2 finalists from season 8 of American Idol.

Personal life
He was born in Indianapolis, where he lived for a year, then his family moved to Los Angeles. At school, Adam was playing regularly in plays, and concerts with the jazz band.

He is an actor since the age of ten, and he played and sang in plays like "You're A Good Man" and "Charlie Brown".

American Idol
He spent his hearing in San Francisco, California, singing "Rock With You" and "Bohemian Rhapsody". Subsequently, it was found that once in danger.

After each presentation he has received comments, mostly positive, from the judges despite a recurring reluctance Simon Cowell compared to a "theatrical" excessive.

He has responded in the first two weeks of presentations on a chair and minimalist staging.

In fact, he was soon called "rock star" by the jury, clearly impressed by the extent of his vocal and theatrical ways, as by his obvious intelligence in the selection of hits presented and their staging. The singer winner of the seventh season, David Cook, said Adam had his favorite in the competition.

Seeing so die the screen, one might wonder if this potential "rock star" does not correspond to an unbearable ego ... !

Apparently not, the ego is no doubt about that but highly controlled, at least if one sticks to the many statements from other competitors. It is even possible that his roommate Kris Allen, a younger guy, very friendly but much less flamboyant, it must in part be held until the end of the competition at the tipping point (to an audience Family reassured that probably more). Kris Allen, apparently he greatly admired his elder (22 and 27 years) is indeed remained incredulous at her own victory.

Another issue that singing and stage skills seemed, at least on the Internet, keep in suspense addicts of the show: in 2009 the idol of the American public is he gay or not ... Although Adam Lambert did not have to "come out" (having never stayed there, according to judges), an artificial Supension was maintained throughout the season on this important issue.

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