Robbie Williams, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

Robbie Williams,
Robert Peter Williams (known under the name of Robbie Williams) is a British singer, born February 13, 1974 in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. nominated for Grammy Awards, he won 15 Brit Awards. His career began as a member in the 1990s, the group Take That in 1995 he left to start his solo career, during which he has sold 25 million albums.

Since then, Robbie Williams has sold more records in the United Kingdom than any other solo artist in history. He has sold 70 million worldwide: 53 million albums and 17 million singles. His name entered the record books when he sold 1.6 million tickets for his World Tour for 2006, one day. He has received numerous awards, including 15 Brit Awards and 6 Echo Awards. In 2004 he entered the UK Hall of Fame after being voted best artist of 90 years. It is also the artist whose songs appear most often in hard Now! Hits Reference. In the 68 CDs released in this collection, the singer figured in 29 of them (including 4 with the group Take That). Her first appearance was in Now No. 22 and his last appearance date of No. 66 with "She's Madonna.

Robert Peter Williams was born February 13, 1974 in England. His parents divorced when he was 4 years. Peter, his father is an actor who performs under the pseudonym Peter Conway. Her mother, Jan, who had been engaged to Robbie's career during his teens, has resumed his profession as a florist.

Robbie's career began when his mother cut an ad in the press, a producer looking for a song last rookie to finalize the formation of his group. Young Robbie was contacted to try his luck at the casting. His cheerful appearance and performance to attract the interest of 4 members and producer. Thus Robbie Williams enters the boy band Take That.

Humanitarian commitment
Robbie Williams is a singer hired for good causes. Coming from a working-class suburb, he has never been ungrateful even if it chooses not do so because of time. He has his own foundation Give It Sum which is intended recovery of the region, he is the poster of a Unicef campaign alongside his friend and footballer David Beckham. In 2004, he was part of the troupe's Band Aid 20 (20 years after the first Band Aid) to the resumption of the track Do They Know it's Christmas time at all and was also among the artists who have performed on stage in London (Hyde Park) in 2005. Robbie has always, ever since his youth, was passionate about football. He is currently the majority shareholder of the football club Port Vale "he has always supported. This passion led him to direct the team's English Soccer Aid charity match in 2006. Otherwise, Robbie has often said this to many events together.

Take That
The career of Robbie Williams began in 1991 with boy band Take That.

Despite the success (eight titles ranked number 1 in the United Kingdom), Williams does not fit the rest of the group. He issued a "rabble" that contrasts with the nice guy image associated with it and wants to show a rebellious side to how Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis. He is then asked to leave the group February 16, 1995. To break its image of pop star, he decides to join the Gallagher brothers on stage at the Glastonbury rock festival. The encounter between Robbie and superstars britpop made the headlines. Robbie became a close group and quickly falls into a spiral of drugs and alcohol. Robbie expects Noel Gallagher spends her songs for starting a solo career but nothing will happen.

It follows a long battle with drugs and alcohol during which he quickly takes up to 16 pounds and often appears in public in a lamentable state.

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