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Tony Robbins
Anthony Robbins, also known as the Tony Robbins is an American writer born February 29, 1960 Glendora (California). He is author of several best-sellers and among the personalities from the world of personal development.

His seminars often gather thousands of people with mostly a peak around a fire walking. His best performance technologies taught in the context of "Mastery University" have found many "followers" of the world.

He was the coach of Bill Clinton. Many prominent personalities like Andre Agassi and the U.S. Army would have benefited from the services of Anthony Robbins and are referenced for its expertise in the field of Psychology of motivation and success.

Anthony Robbins, outstanding personality and atypical NLP
It is also known as a master of NLP, he is making a very personalized. Although it differs from the NLP on many points, we can keep in mind the analysis of Yves Winkin "Elements for a trial of NLP. The author of that text, university, calls into question the basis of claims held in the presentations of methods and tools for NLP. Seminars and publications are neighboring Anthony Robbins NLP training. This same objection would also apply to the contents of the methods described in his books and seminars, interspersed with numerous quotations and references to famous personalities.

Yves Winkin comments about the book Unlimited Power
The book is not physics, but urges self-confidence (example: "One of the biggest limitations faced by human beings is the fear of failure", a phrase which seems taken of an old issue of Reader's Digest), whose ultimate test is the fire walking. In search of the secrets of personal success, A. Robbins discovered NLP, which he calls a "science" almost occult which delivers the key to the mystery by which "some people manage to get what I called the best results" (p. 43). Bandler and Grinder are presented as "two spirits" whose success is "legendary" (p. 45). But P.N.L. seems to primarily be the role of a security "scientific" advice and mental health food. In short, the P.N.L. Robbins is probably not the canonical reference on the subject. Consider it as a deviation rather isolated, some folk.

Another point of view
Anthony Robbins is one of those who most effectively put into practice Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of simple techniques (as a concept, but still require the commitment and attendance at implement) to better understand our interlocutors and therefore better communicate ...

From the book by a friend
According to the presentation that makes a site online sales of his book "On behalf of a friend", since 1991, a version of this work, published at the author, was distributed to thousands of people in need in the project volunteer Brigade baskets the day of Thanksgiving, organized by the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

Reviews methods and publications of Anthony Robbins
His talents as an orator and actor, and his charisma makes a successful personality and a master of communication.

It is nevertheless entitled to question its approach to modeling talents and skills and its applications to thousands of people who attend his seminars. Some also question the ethics of selling methods used during the introductory course "UPW". It can be observed effect of group phenomena (several thousands) combined with a succession of emotional states. With some talent and staging related to the size of such a meeting, everyone is invited to relive the very negative emotional states associated with the recall of state of great suffering and emotional states very positive with the recollection of memories of the greatest joys of life. Just imagine for a moment, of tears, laughter or tears that can provide this type of experience driving for several hundred people gathered in one space and the emotional impact that results. It is as if we had drawn in a few hours the elastic emotional in these two limits: the pain and intense pleasure. It is understandable that some people emerge disoriented for several hours. But it immediately after such an intense experience that is proposed commitment to training Mastery University, centerpiece and training seminars with Anthony Robbins. The staff of people pass through the ranks to distribute contracts and allows a break to finalize the signing of the contract and payment terms most often by credit card ... In these circumstances and despite the right to withdraw, one may wonder if the people who make the decision to commit to a three-week training of several thousand euros have all their faculties to judge and assess .

On the other hand, it is undeniable that there is a high energy level in the seminars with Anthony Robbins, with a taste for cultivating what is called the "PEAK STATE". A very precise animation presented in a fun and festive day to detail so that everyone remains in a high level of attention during the seminars. So we ask people to look to the incoming ground looking up, then load each of its neighbor to watch over and bring to a state of optimal vigilance if perchance his posture suggests that he became somewhat attentive. Finally, a festive atmosphere is generated by the use of upbeat music and moments of dance and the invitation to embrace the people close to you (Hug).

Some validate this approach by highlighting the excitement and the transition to action even though in this case the action is mostly register for other seminars. Others will argue that the time spent with enthusiasm, he was not sure we can talk about sustainable change, and that fragile personalities can suffer from the disillusionment that result and have the feeling of having been manipulated.

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