Courtney Love

Courtney Love
Courtney Michelle Love, whose real name Courtney Michelle Harrison (born July 9, 1964 in San Francisco), is a musician and actress. She is the widow of Kurt Cobain, the frontman of Nirvana.

Child of hippie parents, she found her vocation as an artist very young. The roots of Courtney Love are in California, but grew up in Oregon. As a teenager, she listens to music new wave and punk that will have an important influence on his career. Having traveled to various countries such as Ireland, Japan and England, the young woman moved to Los Angeles.

In early 1980, Courtney Love made a brief appearance in the band Faith No More. In 1981 she formed the band Sugar Babylon with his two best friends, Ursula Wehr and Robin Barbur. She then created groups Sugar Baby Doll (with Jennifer Finch of L7 and Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland) and Pagan Babies (with Kat Bjelland, Janis Tanaka and Deidre Schletter).

In 1986 it was his first contact with the world of showbiz. It is part of the distribution of the film Sid and Nancy. This feature film tells the story of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. She then perform several roles in films without scope. Given the limited success in film, Courtney Love leaves the U.S. west coast to Minneapolis. It forms a band all-female, Babes in Toyland. It will be at the door of the group. Then the young woman went to Alaska and became a dancer in bars.

In 1989, she returned to Los Angeles to form another band, Hole. Two years later, the band released their debut album, Pretty on the Inside. The disc is violent, both in its soundtrack in its texts and won a modest success.

In 1992 she married the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. They quickly become one of the most high-profile couples. Cobain was then the leader of one of the biggest rock bands in the Western world. Cobain soon became addicted to heroin. The magazine Vanity Fair accuses the singer having used the drug while she was pregnant with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. After the denial, the singer later admitted having consumed a small quantity of drugs.

In June 1994, two months after the death of her husband, new Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff died of a heroin overdose. Nevertheless, the second disc Hole, Live Through This, recorded before these tragic incidents, was born a few weeks later. It suggests the pain and violence that raged around the singer at that time. Certified platinum in 1995, he was also named record of the year by Rolling Stone, Spin and Village Voice.

The third disc of more pop Hole, Celebrity Skin was launched in 1998.

In 1998, Courtney Love decided to return to filmmaking. In 1999 she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the film The People vs. Larry Flynt. This film tells the shock history of the founder of the Hustler porn empire. Love connects then another hit film Man on the Moon in 1999. She finds the filmmaker Larry Flynt, Milos Forman and starring Jim Carrey plays.

After a successful detox, Courtney Love will run a documentary on his turbulent life. The singer and actress will reveal how she managed to overcome his drug problems and orchestrate his return. In February 2009, Courtney was honored as "Woman of the Year" by the famous women's magazine ELLE.

The changeover to the year 2000 was very difficult for Courtney Love. Recurrent problems of drugs and drink caused him to lose custody of her only daughter. It had to live with his paternal grandparents. Courtney Love has spent more time in rehabilitation centers and has faced justice on several occasions.

In early 2005, singer Courtney Love has regained custody of her 12 year old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. But it faces further trouble with the law did not pay some bills. It also sent 18 months in rehab.

Love has also been sentenced to three years probation and the requirement of having access to his drug problems. The widow of Kurt Cobain has pleaded not guilty to the charge that she had assaulted a woman at the residence of one of his old friends.

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