Jay Chou

Jay Chou
The real name is Jay Chou Zhou Jielun. He is an actor, musician, and singer born in Taiwan Taipei (Taiwan) 18 January 1979.

He is known for combining traditional sounds with Western music. Jay is very popular in Asia, especially Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. His fame spread across the seas since ratings are also among the Asian population in North America or Europe.

Jay Chou began learning piano at age 4, immediately demonstrating unparalleled talent. A producer noticed his talent for writing and music in a competition pianist. He was then hired to compose music for other artists (Vivian Hsu and Jody Chiang ...), so many hits in Asia have been written by him, without the general public is not aware then that it was actually his work.

In 2000 his record company gave him his chance and his first album, Jay, was an instant hit in Asia. He subsequently went Fantasy, this album earned him gain even more popularity. His third album, Eight Dimensions, was his biggest success, both commercially and by the critical reception. Nevertheless Ye Hui Mei album is often considered his best, the songs are like Qing Tian (Cloudless Day), Ai Qing Xuan Ya (Love's Cliff) or Ni Ting De Dao (You Can Hear), are indeed ballads have won the highest places of the Asian charts. Like other titles like Yi Fu Zhi Ming (In The Name Of The Father) or Wo De Di Pan (My Territory) that they are more modern sound.

Jay hopes to break into the North American music industry, despite limited English. He says that music is a universal language and that language is not important.

It is the main actor of the movie Initial D (Tau man ji S) (2005), and the biggest budget film in China, the Forbidden City (The curse of the golden flower).

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