Anna Chapman, Volgograd, Russia

Anna Chapman, Volgograd, Russia
Anna Chapman, born February 23, 1982 in Volgograd (Russia), is a woman of Russian businessman allegedly involved in a program of spying for foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation (known Illegals Program (en) by FBI). Arrested June 27, 2010, while living in New York, Anna Chapman pleaded guilty and returned to Russia in July 8th, 2010 under a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States.

According to U.S. authorities, Anna Chapman Anna was born in Volgograd Kouchtchenko. His father was employed by the Russian Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. She graduated in Economics at the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples.

London: 2001-2006
Anna Chapman moved to London in 2000-2001 and worked for NetJets, Barclays Bank and a few other companies for short periods. In 2001, during a rave party, she meets Alex Chapman, son of a British businessman. The couple married shortly after Moscow and Anna Chapman received dual citizenship and a British passport. After the arrest of Anna Chapman in New York, Alex's publicist Max Clifford calls and sold his story to The Daily Telegraph. According to Alex Chapman, circa 2003-2004, Anna become distant and often a group of Russian friends with whom she goes out without Alex, because they only speak Russian. Still according to Alex Chapman, it seems that this time she has had access to more money and she spoke of meetings with influential people. Alex and Anna divorced in 2005 and Anna returned to Russia in 2006, although according to Alex, they remain in contact.

New York: 2006-2010
After his return to Russia in 2006, according to her ex-husband, she begins to attend an American and moved easily in New York where she launches an estate agent. She resided at 20 Exchange Place, near the neighborhood of Wall Street in the Financial District of Manhattan. According to Alex, his company was in trouble the first two years before suddenly in 2009 it had 50 employees. Anna Chapman's profile on the networking site LinkedIn CEO calls it PropertyFinder LLC an international real estate web site. From this time, Alex and Anna have less frequent contacts. At the time of his arrest, Anna was in connection with the restaurant owner Michel Bittan.

Official sources, Anna Chapman was working in a network before an FBI agent does confuse a Starbucks in Manhattan. The FBI agent had presented a false passport with instructions to forward it to another spy. He then asked "Are you ready for this? "What Chapman would have said" of course "by accepting the passport. After several phone calls to his father in Moscow, Anna Chapman says the passport to the police but was arrested shortly after.

International Trade
On July 8, 2010, Anna Chapman and 9 others are traded in the first exchange agreement between Russia and the United States for 24 years.

The alleged mastermind of the group, Christopher Robert Metsos, is when he stopped in Cyprus on June 29, 2010.

Converture and media reactions
After his arrest by the FBI, Chapman earns media attention. It is described by the press as "flame-haired beauty," "femme fatale", "James Bond girl of modern times" or "stunning SoHo Spy".

Facebook profile pictures of Anna Chapman were quickly distributed on the Internet and several videos of her were posted on YouTube.

Magazines or blogs commenting on his fashion sense. When Jay Leno in the NBC program The Tonight Show with Jay Leno asked the Vice President Joe Biden, "we have spies too sexy?", It replied that" it is clear this was not my idea to expel!".

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