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Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz is an English actress and producer born March 7, 1970 in London (United Kingdom).

Rachel Weisz was born in London and grew up in Hampstead. Her mother, Edith, is a psychoanalyst of Austrian origin, born in Vienna. His father, George, was a Hungarian-born inventor whose family fled to England to escape the Nazis. Rachel's mother was described as Roman Catholic, Jewish, or of Jewish origin. Weisz said he grew up in an intellectual Jewish family and describes himself as Jewish. She has a sister, Minnie, painter.

She went to school at North London Collegiate School and then at Benenden School and then at the age of thirteen, at St Paul's Girls' School.

She entered Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, where she mounts a small theater: the Cambridge Talking Tongues, which will win a Guardian Student Drama Award during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. After earning his degree in English literature, she can devote himself entirely to his passion for theater, especially for comedy.

In 1993, she landed her first roles in television films and series (including Inspector Morse) and again in 1995 playing as Gilda in three Serenade, a play by Noel Coward dating from 1933, Gielgud Theatre in the West End.

In 1995 she appeared for the first time on the big screen in Pursuit (Chain Reaction), where she was discovered by director Bernardo Bertolucci, who offered him the same year a role in Stealing Beauty. She continues to work in the English cinema and seen in My Summer with Des, the heart of the storm, The Land, and I Want You, a film by Michael Winterbottom.

Rachel Weisz knows the consecration in 1999, when she played the role of a young Egyptologist in The Mummy (Stephen Sommers, Brendan Fraser in particular with the role). She also starred in the sequel of this movie, The Mummy Returns (2001).

She abandons the theater in 2001 to devote himself entirely to cinema, but we could see her in Suddenly, Last Summer by Tennessee Williams in the role of Catherine, and The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute (which she also produced a film version in 2003).

It runs about one film a year, including Stalingrad (2001), About a Boy (2002), The Runaway Jury (2003) and Constantine (2005).

In 2005 she starred in The Constant Gardener, a film adaptation of the novel by John le Carre, whose story takes place in the Kenyan slum of Kibera and Loiyangalani. She was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for this role and a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. In her homeland she was recognized for this role with a BAFTA nomination for Best Actress and the price of the actress of the year at London Critics Circle Film Awards and British Independent Film Awards.

In 2006 she was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The same year she starred in The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky and embodies the voice of Saphira in Eragon, and 2007 in My Blueberry Nights by Wong Kar-wai.

His future projects include The Brothers Bloom, where she will play the role of a rich American victim of swindlers (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) [8], the film adaptation of the novel The Lovely Bones (filming started in October 2007), Luna, and Sin City 2.

7 July 2007 she took part in the American section of Live Earth.

End of 2010, it doubles its own character in the American series The Simpsons.


* 1995: Prosecution: Dr. Lily Sinclair
* 1996: Stealing Beauty: Miranda Fox
* 1998: The Land: Agatha
* 1998: I Want You: Helen
* 1998: In the heart of the storm: Amy Foster
* 1999: The Mummy: Evelyn Carnahan
* 2000: Sunshine: Greta
* 2001: The Return of the Mummy: Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell
* 2001: Stalingrad: Tanya
* 2002: About a Boy: Rachel
* 2003: False appearances: Evelyn Ann Thompson
* 2003: Confidence: Lily
* 2003: Master of the Game: Marlee
* 2004: Envy: Wife of Tim
* 2005: Constantine: Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson
* 2005: The Constant Gardener Tessa Quayle
* 2006: The Fountain: Isabel, Izzi Creo
* 2006: Eragon: Saphira (voice)
* 2007: My Blueberry Nights: Sue Lynne, the woman who left Arnie
* 2008: One day, perhaps: Summer Hartley
* 2009: The Brothers Bloom: Penelope
* 2009: Agora: Hypatia
* 2010: Lovely Bones: Abigail Salmon
* 2010: The Simpsons: Dr. Thurmond (voice)

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