Ted Williams,American player in Major League Baseball

Ted Williams
Ted Theodore Samuel Williams (born August 30, 1918 in San Diego, Calif., died July 5, 2002 in Inverness, Florida) was an American player in Major League Baseball. He spent 19 seasons in Major League but his career was interrupted twice by military service. During his career he has hit with a batting average of 0.344, the fourth highest average in major league history. In addition, he was twice elected the best player in the American League, won the title six times for best batting average, including two triple crowns for the highest and best total home runs and RBIs. He was the last player to achieve an average above .400 in 1941, the highest average since 1941 is 0.390 in 1980 by George Brett or Tony Gwynn by 0.394 in 1994 during a shortened season where players have played less than 110 parties. Not just a simple batter, he hit 521 channels in 19 seasons, including two seasons shortened by military service. With more at-bats, he had his chances to hit more than 600 circuits.

He won six league titles in batting average, first in 1941 and the last in 1958 when he was 40 years. In 1941, his average was 0.3996 with two games of the season to play. His average was recorded as 0.400. After a discussion with the manager of the Red Sox, he decided to play, and hit six hits in eight at-bats to finish the season with a .406 average. This season he had 147 goals-on-balls and 37 circuits. His presence on the percentage of goals was the best of major league history to 2002 when Barry Bonds passed him. He made only one appearance in the World Series and hit .200 with 1 RBI and 2 points. The Reds Sox lost the series 4 games to 3.

His military service, Williams was fond of the United States Marine Corps aviation. For his efforts, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


* The last player who has exceeded 0.400.
* First for the percentage of presences goals
* 4th in batting average
* 4th in goals-on-balls
* 2nd in the percentage of power
* 15th in the circuits
* 64th for hits
* Twice elected the best player in major league
* Elected to Hall of Fame baseball in 1966


* Ted Williams is also known for being one of the most famous being cryonisea

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