Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston was born February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston Jennifer Anastassakis born is best known for her character Rachel Green in the series Friends.Elle is the daughter of actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow. She has two half-brothers: John Melick and Alex Aniston. Jennifer has achieved dual American citizenship in 1987.

But she played in a number of Hollywood films including Picture Perfect, The Object of My Affection, 35 hours is too many, Rock Star, The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Derailed, Friends with Money and Marley and Me.

His parents hoped she certainly follow their footsteps and made Telly Savalas (Kojak) godfather. After spending a year in Greece, the family returned to the United States, settling in New York where his father, John Aniston, landed the role of Victor Kiriakis "in the series The Days of our Lives. His father is the Greek island of Crete and his mother is of English and Scottish origins.

Listed on New York's Attending High School of Performing Arts in 1987, Jennifer Aniston was a member of the drama club. Her desire to become an actress when she grows works for off-Broadway productions such as For Deaf Life and Dancing on Checker's Grave in Hollywood. In 1989, she landed her first television role in the TV show Molloy.

In 1994, NBC launched a new series called Friends. Jennifer Aniston producers auditioned for the role of Monica Geller, but she persuaded them that the role of Rachel Green suits him better. This series of 10 seasons (1994-2004) brought him a great reputation, but films are often shunned by the public make it little "bankable" for major roles. She plays Rachel Green in "Friends alongside Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. She plays the role of a rich and carefree girl, who fled the day of her marriage and wants to resume her life. Rachel Green is aided by his high school girlfriend, and Monica's brother comes out with it, Ross. The series ended in 2004 after 10 seasons triumphant.

She married actor Brad Pitt July 29, 2000. The couple announced their separation Jan. 6, 2005. She knows enough then short liaison with actor Vince Vaughn until December 2006 and singer John Mayer from April 2008 to March 2009.

After two years of absence, Jennifer Aniston makes a comeback with two hit movies, first Marley & Me, by the filmmaker's The Devil Wears Prada, alongside Owen Wilson, then this romantic comedy believe that men, both number one box office. She will tour the same year the movie The Baster, with Jason Bateman (Juno).


* 1990: Camp Cucamonga Roger Duchowny
* 1990: Andrew D. Molloy Weyman: Courtney
* 1990: Ferris Bueller: Jeannie Bueller
* 1992: Quantum Leap (Quantum Leap) by Donald P. Bellisario Season 5, Episode 3 Back war - August 10, 1968: Kiki Wilson
* 1993: Sunday Funnies Gerry Cohen
* 1993: Herman's Head episodes Twisted Sister and Jay Is for Jealousy
* 1994 - 2004: Friends of David Crane and Marta Kauffman: Rachel Green
* 1994: The Man with the Rolls (Burke's Law) episode Who Killed the Beauty Queen? Linda Brody
* 1994: Muddling Through Barton Dean Madeline Cooper Drego
* 1996: Threesome (Partners) episode Follow the Clams? Suzanne
* 1999: South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone Tropical Schmainforest episode
* 2003: King of the Hill episode Wesley Archer Queasy Rider
* 2007: Dirt Matthew Carnahan episode Ita Missa Est: Tina Herrod
* 2008: 30 Rock Tina Fey episode 3, Season 3: Claire


* 1993: Leprechaun by Mark Jones: Tory Reding
* 1996: Small lies between brothers (She's The One) by Edward Burns: Renee Fitzpatrick
* 1996: Dream for an Insomniac (Dream For An insomniac) Tiffanie DeBartolo of Allison
* 1997: Trait pour trait (Picture Perfect) Glenn Gordon Caron: Kate Mosley
* 1998: The Thin Pink Line by Joe Dietl and Michael Irpino: Clove
* 1998: The Object of My Affection (The Object of My Affection) Nicholas Hytner: Nina Borowski
* 1999: 35 hours is too many (Office Space) by Mike Judge: Joanna
* 2001: Rock star Stephen Herek: Emily Poule
* 2003: The Good Girl by Miguel Arteta: Justine Last
* 2003: Bruce Almighty (Bruce Almighty) deTom Shadyac: Grace
* 2004: Along Came Polly (Along Came Polly) John Hamburg: Polly Prince
* 2006: Derailed (Derailed) Mikael Hafstrom: Lucinda Harris
* 2006: Rumor ... (Rumor Has It) by Rob Reiner: Sarah Huttinger
* 2006: La Rupture (The Break Up) Peyton Reed: Brooke
* 2006: Friends with money from Nicole Holofcener: Olivia
* 2009: Love Happens Brandon Camp: Eloise
* 2009: What men think (He's Just Not That Into You) by Ken Kwapis: Beth
* 2009: Marley & Me (Marley & Me) by David Frankel: Jennifer Grogan
* 2010: The Bounty Hunter (The Bounty Hunter) by Andy Tennant: Nicole Hurley
* 2010: Michael Goree Girls Suscy
* 2010: Management Stephen Belber: Sue Claussen
* 2010: The Switch by Josh Gordon and Will Speck: Kassie
* 2010: Pretend Wife by Dennis Dugan
* 2010: You are here from Matthew Weiner
* 2010: Cougars Wayne McClammy

Awards and nominations

* Emmy Award:
o 2002: Best Actress in a Comedy Series, Friends
o 2009: Nominated for best female participation in a comedy for 30 Rock (TBA)
* Golden Globe Award
No. 2003: Best Actress in a Comedy Series, Friends
* Independent Spirit Awards:
o 2002: Best Actress, The Good Girl
* People's Choice Awards:
o 2001: Best Actress TV series, Friends
o 2002: Best Actress TV series, Friends
o 2003: Best Actress TV series, Friends
o 2004: Best Actress TV series, Friends
o 2007: Best Actress for The Break
* Aftonbladet TV Prize, Sweden:
o 2001: Best Foreign Actress, Friends
o 2002: Best Foreign Actress, Friends
o 2003: Best Foreign Actress, Friends
o 2004: Best Foreign Actress, Friends
* Hollywood Film Festival:
o 2002: Actress of the Year
* Screen Actors Guild Award:
o 1995: Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Series, Friends
* Logie Awards:
o 2004: Star's most popular in the world, Friends
* Teen Choice Awards:
o 2002: Best actress in a comedy series, Friends
o 2003: Best Actress in a Comedy Series, Friends
o 2003: Best actress in a drama and adventure, The Good Girl
o 2004: Best actress in a comedy series, Friends
o 2007: Best actress in a comedy, The Break
o 2009: Nominated for the prize for best actress in a comedy, for Marley & Me
o 2009: Nominated for the prize for best actress in a comedy, for what men think

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